Which Kid Are You Raising? A or B?

a. Character, Work Ethic and Attitude b. Talent While coaching and watching teams the last…
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Pat Summit is a role model. A game changer. One to emulate every day whether you love basketball or not.It wasn’t just basketball, but also her mission. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Reach for the SUMMIT

Whether you love (or even know) basketball or not, I would suspect you have heard…
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Kids and parents start out wanting a participation ribbon just for showing up. It's a milestone when they start looking at the game as a reward in itself. | Healing Touch Chiropractic
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Another Milestone in Growing Up: No More Participation Ribbons

Have I mentioned that I love sports?!? As the 8th grade girls travel basketball season…
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The Circle of Life…How It All Comes Back Around

As many people in my personal and professional circle know, I am extremely passionate about…
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