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Meet Dr. Tiffany Johnson

The path lay ahead of me. It was dusty and worn out. Under different circumstances, I might have wondered how many feet made their way across it over the years. But the game was almost over and excitement grew all around me. I stood alert at first base, ready to take second, if only my teammate would just swing the bat.

It was elementary school, and I was a girl. I was expected to be dainty and sweet and graceful. I could run to second base and hope to get there before someone on the other team tagged me out. But that conventional method just didn’t work for me. I loved a good challenge and despised a well-beaten path. Rebellion flooded my veins, always pushing me to blaze my own trail. So running to second base just wouldn’t do. I hit the ground, sliding my way in, earning me a serious ankle injury.

It was the first of many battered, swollen ankles I’d endure over the years as a hardcore athlete. I was expected to stay away from sports and let my ankles heal, but I pushed back, nothing was going to keep me out of the game. I was expected to load up on painkillers so I could keep playing, but I knew instinctively that my body would never heal that way. I was expected to spend my time unquestionably devouring the advice of a mainstream medical doctor, but I insisted I needed healing at the hands of a chiropractor instead.

It was so different from any treatment I ever got from any other doctor. The engine inside my young, inquisitive mind started spinning and it couldn’t be silenced. A fire I’d never experienced before burned within me. I knew I was onto something, my rebellious nature may have just met its match, but not for long.

The path lay ahead of me. It was daunting, but I was determined to stare it down. The doctor’s words tore through me like a weapon. Bedrest. It was just one word, really, but it felt like a cut from a thousand daggers. I’d started chiropractic school, gotten pregnant, and was ordered onto my back for bedrest, in that order. My momentum was challenged as I withdrew from school to prepare my body to bring my daughter safely into this world.

It wasn’t the usual path, that was for certain. The expectation was that I wouldn’t go back, that I’d be a fulltime mom, that I’d do what women were supposed to do. Who could imagine that any woman would manage to get through chiropractic school and take care of a baby? But that was conventional thinking and there was nothing conventional about me.

It didn’t come easily, but I pushed forward. I had no choice and nowhere else to go. That fire that lit me up as a child watching a chiropractor heal my ankle never stopped blazing and I certainly wasn’t going to blow it out myself by quitting.

The path lay ahead me. My moment had come. I’d built up a busy chiropractic practice for over a decade, and I brought my own, unique healing methods to the game. Without realizing it, I’d been working toward this moment my entire life. Everything else came easily to me–sports, school, friendships. But here I stood, a doctor using her own modalities, healing people from within. Powered by intuition, I’ve always instinctively known where the issues originate. I took Chiropractic to another dimension, going by my instincts, and using hands on energy healing to make patients feel physically whole again.

It’s not the usual path, and definitely not the trail mainstream society favors, but the pattern was all too familiar for me. Another child came to me needing surgery and left me not needing surgery anymore. An infertile woman made her way into my office and then propelled her way to motherhood. Injuries were healed at the source. Constant pain became a thing of the past. Chronic illnesses disappeared as readily as they came on. My patients think of it as a miracle, but the truth is that it’s the power of chiropractic, together with my own blend of energetic healing.

Our society has gotten accustomed to living with pain, disease, and a general sense of dysphoria. The best solution mainstream doctors can offer are conventional treatments that do little more than suppress the symptoms. But that doesn’t make the problem go away. The world doesn’t just need doctors, we need healers. Those of us who see a whole person who needs to be freed from disease, instead a series of symptoms attached to a person.

I’ve grown up, gotten married, and become a mom twice over. But the rebel in me never died, she just grew stronger. I’m here to heal, to get to the root of problems, to treat a person, not a disease. And most of all, I’m here to start a movement, leading other chiropractors out of the shadow of obscurity and into the mainstream. Leading women towards discovering her gifts. It’s the only way to truly heal the world. Are you ready to heal, and be healed?

My interest in family health is a personal one; as a wife and mother of two children, I understand the challenges families face today when trying to live a wellness lifestyle. Life surely is busy, but all worth it.

Craig and I live in West Fargo with our daughter, Callyn (14), and son Gavin (11). We love this community and all it has to offer for kids and adults alike. We have surely made our home here! We maintain a wellness household and don’t take antibiotics, medications, vaccinations. We don’t have a medicine cabinet with Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, antibiotics, or any other pills or potions, but instead utilize chiropractic, nutrition, essential oils and other holistic methods to maintain strong and healthy immune systems.

I love helping people. I love when they see the ‘AHA’ moment and know in their heart and soul that they will get better. I want to impact the world, one family at a time. I want moms to be healthy so they are role models for their children and the standard of health. I want women to believe in themselves, to know they are worthy of all that is waiting for them. And I want the children of the world to be medication and antibiotic free; to not be labeled with a diagnosis; and to always remember that their body is whole, not broken.

Meet Dr. Marqelle Albrecht

A lot of people don’t have the convenience of knowing what career to pursue early in life…I was not one of those people. I saw my hometown chiropractor, Dr. Carol, for low back pain in junior high. Unlike Dr. Tiffany, I was a bookworm and carried around all my locker contents in a book bag. Dr. Carol was so nice and knowledgeable and was able to help me using only her hands. I WAS SOLD! I wanted to help people the way she helped me. If I had only known then that chiropractic is so much more than pain relief.

After attending NDSU here in Fargo, I too enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University. While in Bloomington, I started dating a boy from back home in South Dakota, Michael. We knew each other from high school but it didn’t turn into anything until there was 5 hours of distance between us.

It was during my second year of school when I decided I wanted to steer my chiropractic career towards children and young families. I had always loved children but until that point I had chiropractic care in a box and kiddos didn’t fit in there. I sat through a weekend of seminars where I heard a speaker talk about how it made more sense to start children off on the right foot with chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle as compared to chasing symptoms in adults. Suddenly it clicked! Of course every child should be under chiropractic care. The nervous system is at its most crucial stage of growth and development from birth to two-years-old. If we can ensure that the nervous system is working at its best in children, we can set those little ones up for a lifetime of reaching their true potential.

There was no doubt in my mind after graduation that I wanted to end up back in the Fargo area. Michael and I now live in Mapleton with our Saint Bernard, Walter. In my spare time, I love to be outside, create arts and crafts, visit friends and family, quote movies, and motivate people.

Chiropractic is not just a form of healthcare geared at reducing discomfort. Instead it is a lifestyle, a true wellness lifestyle. Being checked at the chiropractor regularly, eating right, exercising, getting adequate rest, and having positive stress outlets are all pieces to a healthy puzzle. I know now the power chiropractic carries and I want to share that with as many people as possible. I want better for families- better health, better lives, better futures- and I want to help them get there.

Anything is possible if you Believe…in yourself, your body, and the power within you to heal.

Meet Lyndi Rosenau, Chiropractic Advocate

Here at Healing Touch Chiropractic, we see our patients as more than just numbers. We know you are people, busy people coping with stress and pain, and are here to help. We all are on our journey to wellness, we all are unique and we wanted to share a bit of our stories with you so that you can rest assured that we understand where you are because at one point in our life or another, we have been there ourselves.

Many of our patients have been living wiht pain for a long time, or have come to believe that living pain free is not a reality that can be achieved. And we belive you can’t live your best life, be your best you, when coping with pain. You see, Lyndi had been suffering with daily headaches for some time and was given multiple medications and told she would just need to deal with the pain. That’s when she decided to give Dr. Tiffany a try. Dr. Tiffany took the time to take a more holistic look at the day-to-day triggers that were causing the headaches. By addressing her overall health, nutrition, hydration and chiropractic care, Lyndi’s life was transformed. That transformation lead to something very special, two year after first seeing Dr. Tiffany, Lyndi believed so much in the transformation she saw in her own life, that she chose to come on board and join Healing Touch as a chiropractic advocate.

So when you walk in the door for the first time, or after an injury or are in pain, there is not only a friendly face to greet you, but someone who truly understands how you are feeling and the transformation that is possible. Maybe you aren’t suffering from pain, but are just overwhelmed by the day-to-day busi-ness of being a wife and mother. Lyndi knows that too, she and her husband Chris make their home in Glyndon. Their lives are blessed and full with activities for their daughter Callie and their son Landon. When you are in the office say hi, and ask more about her story, we are so blessed to have her expertise and caring in our practice.

Meet Abby Sorby, Chiropractic Advocate

I never thought I’d end up working at a chiropractic office in Fargo, ND. I had dreams of leaving this state for somewhere warm and work as a dental assistant, which I went to school for.

While working as a dental assistant right out of college, I became a patient under Dr. Tiffany for my low back pain due to leaning over patients all day long. My education in chiropractic was very pain-based. Little did I know that I would be handed this plan for a long term commitment. Wow, am I glad I accepted care! After about 5 months of being a patient, Dr. Tiffany reached out to me and asked me to come be part of the Healing Touch team. It was no brainer for me. I loved the atmosphere from the moment I walked in the door. I am now happy to be living in Fargo and eager to go to work everyday.

I am a bit younger than the rest of the team (wink). I am single and enjoy spending time back home in Fort Ransom with my family and friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask me my story. I am the first face you see when you walk through the door.

Meet Michelle Ihry, Yoga Instructor

I love helping people. That’s what most of us will say we want our life to be about, so I would like to share my WHY.

18 years ago I decided to achieve one of my goals, to be a dental hygienist. I enrolled in Moorhead Tech while my husband, Reed, and I were raising our kids in Devils Lake. This was a huge leap for me and one that I learned so much about.

  1. With persistence, anything is possible.
  2. To always be aware of what you LOVE to do, then do that.

I have always been ‘into fitness’ as I knew it improved my health in so many ways: relieving stress, getting strong, meeting new people and decreasing the amount of stress put on my body through my job. That’s when I fell into yoga. I started taking classes regularly  in Devils Lake and the instructor inspired me to learn more about yoga, so I began teaching some classes every week.

Fast forward a few years, 2012: We moved to Fargo! I started teaching at my daughter’s business, Healing Touch Chiropractic. After a year of weekly classes, I wanted to know more so I got my 200-hour certification. Yoga is focused on the mind/body connection. It is not a competition with others or yourself. It’s about being connected, learning how to breathe while moving. It is for everyone.

Outside of fitness, my favorite things to do are: spend time with family (husband, our two kids and their families), be with grandkids, spend time at the lake, make art, exercise (yoga and crossfit are my favorites), experience nature in all seasons, meeting new people and spending time with friends.

Meet Lori Howitz, Yoga Instructor

My yogi beginning started in 2013. I started taking classes at a new studio in Fargo and immediately knew that I had found something that I loved and truly spoke to me. I had struggled with body image issues as well as depression and anxiety most of my life. When I started doing yoga, those issues each started to lessen. Yoga has not only helped me strengthen my body, but my mind and spirit as well. I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga and share my experiences and knowledge with others so I enrolled in a 230 hour yoga teacher certification mid January 2017. It has been an amazing experience! I plan to continue my journey and yoga education throughout my life. I am so excited to  be a part of the yoga team at Healing Touch and look forward to helping people reach their personal goals and find more inner peace in their live.

When I’m not on my mat, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listing to music, meditating, traveling, spending time in nature, and continuing to make new memories!

Meet Dani Thompson, Yoga Instructor

I strive to empower others to live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives. Why? Because yoga has taught me how breathing can release tension and stress within both the body and mind. It has given me the ability to stay present and in the moment to enjoy the now, instead of always looking ahead. It’s only natural for me to want to share this gift with others. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy a long fulfilling life. My hope in bringing Yoga Sculpt and essential oils classes to Healing Touch Chiropractic is to share yoga in a fun, energizing way.

My path in life, has been quite the journey. I grew up in Grand Forks, ND where I fiercely competitive cross country and track runner. After graduating high school, I headed off to college at MSU-Moorhead to run…and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I decided on education because I loved teaching. After graduating with my Elementary Education degree in 2012, I moved to Detroit Lakes, MN to start my career as a third grade teacher. I loved coaching middle and high school cross country and track and started doing Crossfit. However after three years of teaching, I had come to the realization that I still had a passion for teaching…just not third graders. So I made the huge decision to quit teaching elementary school and join the Army National Guard. It was around that time that I discovered the joy of yoga at a studio in East Grand Forks. It was a challenge and mode of relaxation for me. For the next two years, I spend my time coaching various workout classes, volunteering as a track coach, getting my level one yoga certification and yoga sculpt certification while attending my require military training around the country (Basic Training, Officer Candidate School, and Engineer Officer School). I finished my military school this past June and spend the next couple months exploring different cultures through traveling. My most recent trip was to Bali, Indonesia to get my 200hr yoga teacher training. Now that I’m home for good, I’m spending time doing what I love: helping others get healthy and strong through coaching Crossfit and yoga.

In my free time, I love doing anything active (yoga, Crossfit, hiking, camping), traveling, looking at pictures of adorable puppies, and enjoying a good book with a glass of wine (maybe two).

We invite you to come and tour our facilities at any time.

Our staff is always happy to meet new people and help new patients.