A Whole New Baby!

My 11-month-old son and I have been seeing Dr. Tiffany consistently for a couple of months now and I feel like I have a whole new baby! My baby would cry every time we saw our previous chiropractor and we weren’t consistent with his care because it was so traumatic for him each time, so I felt like we needed a change. He used to fuss and cry in his car seat and then get clingy or turn his face into my chest whenever we would go out, and I was so weak and tired that I never wanted to leave the house. He would often awaken crying in the middle of the night at random intervals so I could never get a consistent stretch of sleep. Not only that, but he had no interest in crawling in his 9th month, and every time he would attempt to crawl he whined and fussed and dropped his head because it was too much work. I had to come save him all the time. After a couple weeks of treatment he started to crawl with confidence (yay!), sleep more consistently, and entertain himself for longer stretches of time. Overall, he is a much happier and more easy going baby who is interested in other people and not clinging to me much at all anymore. I too have been receiving care as I see us as a package deal. I am stronger and more eager to leave the house than I was and just feel more balanced and hopeful overall. No longer am I just surviving. With the help of Dr. Tiffany and her warm and inviting staff, we are thriving!

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