What To Expect


The first two appointments

Your first appointment at Healing Touch Chiropractic will be an “Experience”. Our goal is to open your heart and your mind to what is possible.  This appointment is an opportunity for you to share your health challenges and your goals. Know that you will be fully supported by our entire staff as you start this journey to healing your body and mind. You see, when you take a more “whole-istic” approach we often find underlying issues as we heal others. The method that I have found most helpful in truly transforming your health is by getting regular adjustments. Rather than waiting until you are in intense physical and/or emotional pain, regularly keeping your body in alignment so that your brain and body can openly communicate will help it function at its best.

The initial appointment consists of information gathering: the consult, exam and computerized scan of your nerve system to show how the body is responding to stress and how it is functioning. The forms are lengthy (here’s your warning!) so that we have a true picture of your current health, but also a review of where you came from. You may receive your first adjustment on that day and that’s where the magic begins!

The second appointment is reviewing all of the information that we gathered at the initial appointment and sharing our recommendation if we can help.  This is where the rubber meets the road and where the journey truly begins.


How long do adjustments take?

We have structured our office a bit different to allow you to be adjusted regularly without a lot of hassle of sitting in waiting rooms or offices. At Healing Touch, we will set a time frame for you to be adjusted, you will be able to check yourself in and proceed to the next available table. You will be in and out in a matter of minutes so that you can get back to your busy life.

If you have questions or need a little extra time, just let us know and we will make arrangements to have one-on-one time to address any concerns.


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