044: Mind Your Tone & Say It Like You Mean It with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

044: Mind Your Tone & Say It Like You Mean It with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

I have a strong personality. But that wasn’t always the case.

In my meeker days, I didn’t have a strong voice and I didn’t ever want to use it. I was always so concerned with what other people thought, and it took me a long time to build confidence and self esteem.

Once I graduated from Chiropractic school, I knew I had a LOAD of knowledge and ability, but quickly realized that my flimsy delivery wasn’t conveying that to my patients. When I realized I had to start showing up with the authority of a doctor, I decided that I would fake it till I made it. It worked.

Today’s episode is about how important your delivery is. But it’s also about reading the tone behind other people’s words. Learning to mirror the tone of the person you’re talking to, can deepen and maximize your connection.

And connection, my friend, that is the name of the game. And it’s worth every ounce of work you put in to deepen it.

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