049: Putting the Hood Back in Motherhood with Dr. Ali Young

049: Putting the Hood Back in Motherhood with Dr. Ali Young

What are the effects of isolation on our mental health? Any new mother can tell you – the effects are heavy and far reaching.

On the show today we have Dr. Ali Young, who was so shocked by the isolation caused by her transition into motherhood, that she has made it her business to help mothers find and build their tribe.

In a world where “busy-ness is rewarded and rest is admonished” moms are getting hit the hardest. Dr. Ali started seeing this trend in her Chiropractic practice, and the sheer volume of tapped out moms alerted her to a major problem at large. 

You can’t have this conversation with every patient. You just can’t. So she’s created a container to do it in. It’s called Unfck Motherhood, and it’s a place to nurture and grow self-aware, connected, resilient women, who understand that taking care of themselves serves their families immensely.

The massive shift to motherhood isn’t unlike the massive shift many of us have undergone with Covid. Dr. Ali’s soul-saving approach to restoring the hood to motherhood is something we can all benefit from.


If you are you over it, feeling like every day is the same, not fulfilling, and sometimes there are sides of you showing up that you just aren’t sure where they came from – you’re not alone.

The Embracing Motherhood is designed for busy mums to re-imagine their mothering experience, provide tools you can use to change it up, and to allow reconnection and joy to re-enter your world.

If this sounds like something that could turn around your 2020, head over and check it out. www.draliyoung.com/embrace 


Dr. Ali Young is a Chiropractor with a passion for helping mums to become UnFkd and thriving. With nearly 18 years experience in practice, working with children and mothers for most of the time, she loves watching mums blossom into themselves as they grow and learn about themselves and their children.

She graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, in 2002. She moved to Perth, Western Australia, in early 2003 and began working as an associate for three years, before branching out with her best friend and mama mentor Dr. Olivia Gleeson to work side by side for eight years. In this period, she served as on the WA Registration board and was the Vice President of the WA Chapter of the Chiropractors Association of Australia. She also completed her Masters in Chiropractic Pediatrics.

She loved playing sports … which is where she met her husband. Not long after getting married, they moved to Malaysia where she had the majority of her first pregnancy. She birthed in Perth WA, with her support network, but they moved back overseas when their first child was only 2.5 weeks old. This is where her reality set in. They eventually moved back to Queensland, AU, and she returned to work, and became pregnant again, this time birthing in a regional hospital with a great support network. They stayed in Australia for a while longer, and just after the youngest child turned one, they moved to South Korea for two years. This was epic, and her tribe of wonder mums was really born here. As was the growth of understanding of motherhood for her.

When they moved back to Australia, Dr. Ali reopened her private practice in Gladstone, Queensland, seeing over 50% children and another 20-30% pregnancy and post-partum mums. In 2019, she has really felt a calling to share her knowledge about UnFckIng Motherhood with a bigger community. So Unfck Motherhood was born, to help mums embrace their motherhood journey again, and regain their HOOD.

You can find Dr. Ali on FacebookInstagram, on her website, and you can join her challenge here. You can join her Embracing Motherhood course here.

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