055: Amanda Jelinek: Intuitive Reading (LIVE)!

055: Amanda Jelinek: Intuitive Reading (LIVE)!

Today we have one of the most connected to spirit friends that I know, Amanda Jelinek. We met 14 ½ years ago in my Chiropractic practice and we’ve always had a bond both being driven women and moms and very intuitive.

Today’s episode is a bit nontraditional – imagine that! I tell a lot of people about her and they usually give me wide-eyed looks so I thought, “What better way to showcase her than allowing you to see, ahem hear her in action!” Healers work in many different ways, so she talked colors, brought out some cards and sensed my energy.

Amanda is a powerhouse human, connector and communication. My intent in this session is to share another perspective…one that may unlock you, unlock your connection, unlock a key to being closer to living your purpose, ON PURPOSE.

About Our Guest

A seeker of the truth, the light and the way and always a little quirky, Amanda is always digging in to learn something new. She’s a full-time wife & mom, business consultant, semi-farmer, spiritual leader and Enneagram 3 who never starts her day without a hot cup of coffee on the porch. She learned over 20 years ago that the way to truly live and manifest your desires in this lifetime is to start by building a regular meditation practice and paying attention to the messages you receive. She’s a practitioner of multiple modalities, working with individuals to shift their limiting beliefs and align their energy with their goals. For those who manage to pull her off the farm for awhile, she’ll talk your ear off about sustainable growing, clean food and wildcrafting herbal medicine and will top it off with earthing practices and how to use of color, crystals & plants to align your chakras and deepen your spirit connection.

You can find Amanda on Instagram or her website.

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