13 Years With Lyndi

13 years lyndi

13 Years With Lyndi

Lyndi has been part of the Healing Touch Chiropractic team for 13 years! She has done every single job you can think of in the office… besides adjusting of course! Lyndi is what keeps our office running smoothly. Learn more about her thoughts on the last 13 years below!

  • Do you remember your first day?
    • I can’t remember my first day, but I was also working a full-time job at the time. I started working at HTC part-time on a trial basis to prove to Dr. Tiffany that I was a good fit for the job. Luckily, I got the job!
  • What did your life look like when you started?
    • When I first started I was married with no kids. I got pregnant right after starting full-time. At the time of my start date, I had been seeing Dr. Tiffany for about two years for chiropractic care. After going full-time, pivotal things changed as I left a stressful job that I didn’t enjoy. At that time, I didn’t realize how much a job change would change my life and how much I would love it.
  • What are some of your current daily duties?
    • When I was initially hired, it was for a completely different job. I was never meant to be in patient care, but two weeks into my full-time employment the front desk employee quit, and I was needed to fill in. Today I do a lot of everything. When I first started there was not a team, so many of my current duties include working and training with our team, doing new patient consults, exams, patient scheduling, office flow, marketing and also helping with workshop launches for The Aligned Life – Dr. Tiffany’s life and business strategist business. Every day there is a mix, sometimes I am with patients, and some days I am not. Sometimes I am working on teams/schedules and some days I am working on grand ideas. I have truly done every job but adjust and my job duties have evolved dramatically.
  • How has HTC as a company evolved?
    • We have gone from a smaller office and a team of two to an expanded office and a team of 6!  Our passion for helping has expanded over the years as well from “how we can help our community” to “how we can help around the world” with Dr. Tiffany’s coaching programs.
  • How have YOU changed from working at HTC?
    • I am still married, have two children, one of the same pets as 13 years ago (+ three more!!) and we live in the same house! My mindset has shifted and I am very purpose-driven from working with Dr. Tiffany.
  • Favorite part of your job?
    • I love doing re-exams and new patient appointments. It is an honor to talk with patients, be part of their transformations, and hear their stories.
  • How did you know you made the right decision to work at HTC?
    • So much personal growth has happened, the challenge to continue to learn, evolve and try new things. I have been outside of my comfort zone a million times. I have grown both personally and professionally. There is always push, drive and support from Dr. Tiffany which I am grateful for. I have been able to witness how powerful her coaching is for the last 13 years. I know that working here I will always be pushed, Dr. Tiffany will have my back and believe in me. I am thankful to be in her life and that she has trusted me to be on her team.

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