19 Lessons – Make Your Own List

19 Lessons – Make Your Own List

The things I’ve learned over the last 14 years:

  • Bigger is not better. Looking back to see what has changed, many will admit they have more stuff, less time to enjoy it and more stress to keep it.
  • Making people feel “safe and at home” are still the most important.
  • Social media can get our message out but be watchful what message you want ‘out’.
  • Social media may build businesses, but can break families.
  • Ask opinions of those who have been there before because most reply out of fear and the need to be accepted.
  • Success in biz: mix of hustle, intuition AND time away.
  • Losing your health is the biggest loss of “life”…and it’s gradual. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.
  • Parenting is guiding and redirecting, not eliminating obstacles to pave their way: pump their own gas, manage their checking account, know what direction they’re going, be strict on who they spend the most time with and get to know them, make sure they’re involved, teach conflict resolution, ensure they are sleeping, eating and communicating how they feel. Oh there’s so much more, maybe this will trigger what the most important things are for you.
  • There is nothing better than a hand written note.
  • Sick parents have sick kids. Emotionally more than physically.
  • Our support is the key to building a LIFE. Be picky choosing your people.
  • If it’s not a ‘hell yes’, it’s a no.
  • A hug makes everything ok, even if for awhile. Hug more and longer.
  • Having 25 tabs open on my computer means I’m in production mode, no matter what my IT guy says ❤
  • Sometimes we need to get through the suck to find the joy. It’s not as easy as ‘do things that are joyful’ but it is as simple: do things that are joyful (and embrace the suck).
  • Raising children expands who we are. Let it.
  • Don’t make decisions when in fight/flight or it turns into a freaking tornado. Use the 24-hr rule before making a decision. ‘
    • And if you’re always in fight/flight, get adjusted.
  • Fail fast and fail moving forward. And do it often. Everything will be ok.
  • Build your dream team every day – at work, home, friends, etc.

If you haven’t done it, create your own lessons. Whether over the last week, month, year or decade. And do it often so that you can see how you’ve transformed and changed your belief systems. Thank you for being on this journey with me ❤

Dr. Tiff

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