The Dog’s Tail

The dog’s tail You can tell when a dog is uncomfortable by where its tail goes. Straight down. Between the legs. Submissive. The same happens when we’re uncomfortable. Our pelvis tucks under, our midback lumps forward and our eyes look down. DEFEAT. As soon as you believe it, you become it. Stand up. Lean in. […]

Be Your Own Friend

As Callyn and I are recording podcasts, the latest ones are about her injury + rehab. Instead of the story focusing on heartbreak and loss, it’s all about life and growth. She found herself as a person, not an athlete and a bunch of other labels or things she was good at. I see this […]

Permission Rules

Permission = Rules by someone else Who do you ask permission from first – your best friend, spouse, kids, mom, dad, teacher, counselor, coach? Or you? I’ve lived many years making “kinda” decisions with the option to modify or change my opinion at any moment, depending on whose I liked more – mine, theirs or […]

Your leaderboard

Who challenges you to be better? Who do you admire? Who are you chasing? Your leaderboard is there to keep you striving to be your best in all areas (or whatever area you’re working on): health, career, family, social, financial, mental…all of it. Your leaderboard is to remind you that you are enough, just keep […]

You Decide 022: Tara Argall – How to Communicate With Your Animals

you decide podcast with dr. tiffany johnson

This episode will blow your mind! Former (human) counsellor Tara Argall, found her true calling as an animal communicator. Most of her clients approach Tara with concerning behaviour in their pets, and are shocked by what they learn. The animals in our lives understand everything, often more than we do. As Tara explains, they read energy and […]