Alex’s Story

Alex’s Story

Our son, Alex, started with Dr. Tiffany around the age of 4 and he is now 10. Alex had seasonal allergies that were over whelming for him in the fall/spring. The symptoms would always happen when school was starting in the fall and then would fade as winter rolled around an pop up again in the spring. Prior to seeing Dr. Tiffany, Alex’s eyes would be all red around and he was miserable. It was like he had to live in a bubble away from the outdoors. He also has a love for animals, which did not go well with his allergies. Alex can now be around cats & dogs and they do not bother him a bit. The allergies affected everything from his mood, behavior, tics/Asperger’s syndrome type disorder that you hear about in so many children.

In talking with Dr. Tiffany, we cut the majority of sugar and dairy out of his diet and had regular weekly adjustments. After a week or so, he was our old Alex! Dr. Tiffany can pinpoint exactly when his allergies begin to act up and she reminds him to cut the sugar and dairy and increase water intake. He listens to Dr. Tiffany much better than he does his mom! You can tell night and day when he eats a decent diet which all goes along with chiropractic and whole body care. Alex talks about all the kids who are sick in school with colds/flus. I tell him, aren’t we lucky to be adjusted by Dr. Tiffany so we don’t have to live being sick all the time! The entire class can be sick and he will be one of the few that stays healthy! We did not turn to medications for our son, as we believed the body is meant to do wonderful thinks and heal itself! Dr. Tiffany has proved that to our family time and time again.

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