Are You Falling Victim to Anxiety of Another School Year?

Are You Falling Victim to Anxiety of Another School Year?

As I’m back in the office connecting with patients and friends, I’ve been hearing very frequently, “Wow, can you believe that August is already here and school starts soon?” And I think to myself (or most likely out loud), “We still have 4 weeks until school starts!” Now, if this was an excited tone coming from these mommas, I wouldn’t be writing this, but it’s not. It’s a stressful tone…it’s a month they are seeming to dread. Summer is almost over…but is it?!?!

What is it about August? Why does society say that after the 4th of July summer is over? WHAT?!?! As I’ve been processing that statement more this summer because of my time away from the office, I feel we have a difficult time embracing and loving the present moment.

Why is it stressful? Why do we dread it? Is it because of school shopping, registrations, physicals and other appointments? Really, those only take a few hours (put together!)? It isn’t a surprise – we know August 27th (for us) is coming. So, I keep wondering, “Why is it a big deal?”

If we as mommas are stressing because August is already here, how does that affect your kiddo? How does that affect them if they are historically NOT excited for school? Does that make them more ready for school or does it give them a sense of anxiety? How does it affect them if (secretly) they ARE excited for school? Our emotions and energy are passed down to them without us even realizing it.

If you and your family have the tendency to feel “blue-sy” about school starting, I would suggest the following:

  • Schedule your appointments and other to-do’s appropriately (without stress and hustle bustle)and treat it as any other appointment on your calendar.
  • Schedule a few fun family things in August, so it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to pack in everything in 3 weeks.
  • Plan to get something fun on the calendar for the fall – whether it’s with the whole family, your spouse, yourself or a getaway with your friends. Having a few fun things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months is key. If not, the calendar (and ultimately your life) can be like a hamster wheel.
  • Stay in the moment. Be the role model for your kids. Be excited for the next year in their life and all of the awesome memories that come with it.

So come on, get out of your rut, do fun things and don’t think so much.  Or maybe I shall say, get out of that hamster wheel and enjoy the last 3-4 weeks with your family!

Stay tuned for more tidbits about school starting – backpack tips, school lunch planning, etc. If there is anything you would love to know before your babes start school, email me using the form on our contact us page or post your comments on our  Facebook page.

Thank you for your readership and get busy having fun in August!!!

Dr. Tiffany


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