Are You “Normal”?

When asked, I often answer with another question: “Does it mean that it’s normal? Or…do we see and hear about this so often that it becomes normal?” | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Are You “Normal”?

One of the most common things I hear a patient say when connecting on the first day is, “My doctor said this is normal, my friends all struggle with the same thing and so did my mom, aunts and grandma.”

Then I ask, “Does it mean that it’s normal? Or…do we see and hear about this so often that it becomes normal?” The look on her face is priceless.

The AHA moment…

She has realized for the first time that just because her mom had headaches, she may not need to have them. Or if heart disease runs in her family, it doesn’t mean she will “get it”. She has recognized that the quality of her life is based on one thing. A Choice.

You have a CHOICE.

Headaches are not typical. Anxiety is not natural. Heartburn is not average. Constipation is not routine. Depression is not commonplace. Pain is not regular. Fatigue is not conventional. Ear infections are not the standard. Poor sleeping is not usual. None of these are normal.

Get my drift? Although these are common and seem to be getting more common, they are not normal. She has a choice, just like you have a choice: to take full responsibility for your health and your life or to succumb to ‘normal’. To own up to your past choices or to point your finger at someone or something else that caused it. Our genes are only ours to express.

In fact, 75% of chronic disease can be prevented (or even reversed) through lifestyle.

That also means that 75% of chronic diseases occur FROM our lifestyle. Here is what I feel it takes to heal:

  • Eat mostly whole foods
  • Drink mostly water
  • Move and be active
  • Know that you are meant to be happy and healthy, no matter your past
  • Ensure your brain and body are connected and flowing (get adjusted)
  • Sleep 7-9 hours/night

Healing occurs on the inside.

It doesn’t come from outside of our body. It doesn’t come from medication. Or surgery. Or others’ thoughts and opinions. It comes from deep within you. And it starts with deciding you want to and deserve to be happy and healthy. If you choose to be ‘normal’ in our society, you have chosen to be sick.

Dr. Tiffany

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