Amy’s Story

I couldn’t remember the last time I felt “good”.  I felt tired every day and took medication for headaches, high blood pressure, and heartburn.  I was ashamed of my weight gain but couldn’t motivate myself to get moving.   Chiropractic care was new to me but after the initial evaluation, I felt hopeful.  I’ve met […]

Kimbra’s Story

I have always used chiropractic care since I was 7 years old. Having had multiple chiropractors, I could feel that Healing Touch was different, the moment I walked through the door. The customer service is top-notch! Dr. Tiff makes you feel like family the moment you meet her. She treats moms and bodies and it […]

Whitney’s Story

This place has changed my life! I have been going for just three weeks. The relief I have had is truly unexplainable. When I started going it was for anxiety and to just have more alignment in my life. I have received so much more. Dr. Tiffany is such a great listener and truly cares […]

Meghan’s Story

I started taking my daughter to see Dr. Tiff in June 2021 after she had her 3rd ear infection before her first birthday.  I struggled with recurrent ear infections as a child and had ear tubes several times, I did not want the same experience for my daughter.  Since we’ve been going to HTC, I’ve […]

088: Staying in Alignment

Today we’re wrapping up season 2 of the podcast. To finish it up, I’m chatting about how to know when you’re feeling misaligned and what you can do to stay aligned and continue to follow your light. I cover: What led to the decision to wrap up the season How you can know the next […]

087: Debunking the Morning Power Hour

By now you’ve probably heard of the importance of the morning power hour, but what if that just doesn’t work for you?  Join me today as I debunk this myth along with how to create a practice that works for you and your life. I cover: The #1 key to a successful power hour  Why […]

086: Living an Authentic Life Without the Stress

Are stress and anxiety holding you back from living your life? That’s exactly what happened to my guest Lindsay Vettleson. Lindsay joins me today to talk about how she was able to break free of these confines to live the life she knew she was always meant to and how you can do the same! […]

085: Creating the Right Health Vision for You

Without health we have nothing. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing the actions you can take today to find the right vision for your health. So grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in! I cover: Discovering the old beliefs and patterns that are holding you back Create goals that match your vision The […]

Is Your Child Experiencing Anxiety?

Has your child’s behavior taken a turn? Could it be anxiety? I KNOW, the word anxiety can mean a million things and it can be really confusing. But it’s important for parents to have an idea of where their kiddos are. Every child has their thing especially during different seasons of their life. It’s important […]

084: Are We Losing Our Health Freedom?

Fear. Complacency. Frustration. Are you feeling this in your community and the world right now? My friend and colleague, Dr. Steve Nagel joins me this week on the podcast to talk about standing up for what you believe in, knowing you have a voice that matters so that we can be free in all decisions […]