080: 6 Lessons From the Bully

I’m going way back today. I’m going back to an experience I had in junior high and high school. Today, I’m sharing my experience with bullying so that it might give you hope as well as the strategy tactics to move through it yourself. You’ll hear more about: The yuck, suck and ick of being […]

079: What’s Stopping You From Becoming a Badass? with Mariah Prussia

Ready for an edgy, no BS kind of conversation? Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational speaker, single mom of 2 and overall badass, Mariah Prussia joins me on today’s episode to chat about defining your fight, finding your true self and trusting the path along the way. Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss […]

078: Is Living in “Moderation” Keeping You From Your Purpose?

If you feel like you’re coming to the T in the road but are unsure of which way to turn, then it’s time to buckle up. Today, I’m sharing how you can commit to the actions and mindset that will get you where you want to go. Here are some highlights: Identifying the gap between […]

077: Finding Calm in Chaos with Amy DuBois

Do you feel you’re on a crazy roller coaster, always running and doing everything for everyone? Meet my good friend Amy DuBois, who was always on the go, but has learned to sit in the quiet of what she calls her “Power Hour” first thing in the morning. Learn how and why she transformed her […]

076: What to do When You Feel Lost

What does your life need right now? In this short and sweet episode, I’m chatting with you about how you lean into nature, the quiet, the space to find what you really need in your life. Here are some highlights: Stop settling for the the revolving hamster wheel you’re currently on One action you need […]

13 Years With Lyndi

13 years lyndi

Lyndi has been part of the Healing Touch Chiropractic team for 13 years! She has done every single job you can think of in the office… besides adjusting of course! Lyndi is what keeps our office running smoothly. Learn more about her thoughts on the last 13 years below! Do you remember your first day? […]

074: The Powerhouses Behind Successful Goal Setting

Ready to become a ninja at crushing your goals? If so, then this episode is a must listen too! Grab a pen and paper to take notes as I talk about how you can achieve anything by combining the tactical and energetic sides of goal setting. I cover:

073: Imperfect Happiness with David Caspers

Losing a loved one can be difficult, but also help shape who you are now. Today I chat with my cousin, David about how the loss of both of his parents has affected him and allowed him to grow and move on through imperfect happiness.  We talk about: Perfection of spirit and having a vibrant […]

Do It Anyway.

No matter what you do, what you say, there will be judgment. Do it anyway. Say it anyway. If you talk about success too much, you’re cocky If you don’t, you’re stand-offish and unapproachable If you say no to “Can I pick your brain?” messages, you’re a jerk and have become “too good” If you […]