Back to School: Excitement or Anxiety?

Back to School: Excitement or Anxiety?

No, I’m not talking about the kids. I’m talking about YOU, momma.

Are you sad (yet proud…but cannot believe how fast they grew up) that they just started Kindergarten? Are you nervous, wondering if they will be ok with new friends, new teachers, maybe even a new school? Are you stressed just thinking about the routine, the drop off’s and pick up’s, the practices, games, concerts, friends, etc.?

Or are you excited? Yep, I said it…I said what many moms are thinking.

I had an “AHA” moment last week when a patient suggested to me that it is time for school to start, that she needs “me” time again. She looked at me hesitantly like I was going to frown upon her insinuation and I said loudly, “Heck ya, it’s time for school to start. My kids are driving me crazy!!” She looked at me with a sigh of relief because I agreed with her and acknowledged that it is a normal feeling, especially for those of us who have down time scheduled into every day.

After thinking through that last week, I thought, “Man, I wonder how many moms feel guilty for feeling that and even though they feel that, they stuff it.” And there it sits, year after year after year…and eventually turns into resentment and anger which show up as agitation, irritability, self-sabotage, etc. Even though our kids have a short summer, it doesn’t mean that we need to lose ourselves in the process. When we don’t get what we need, the rest of the family suffers.

Remember, WHEN MOMMA AIN’T HAPPY, NOBODY HAPPY. Take care of you. Be in tune to your needs. Communicate your needs. Meet your needs. Take control of your mind and body. The world needs our babes to be happy, healthy and to make an impact. And in order for them to be happy, healthy and to make an impact, the world also needs you to show them the way. Share your gifts, talents and expertise with the world.

This is my official “hats off” to all of the teachers. They continue to show our kids the way…so that they can find their wings and fly.

Now, I’m off to get me some “ME” time!!

Dr. Tiffany

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