Be Extra-Ordinary

Be Extra-Ordinary

One of my life-long mentors in Chiropractic, Dr. John Demartini, is a master healer, teacher and speaker. One of his talks from a seminar in 2015 opens with his wish for all of us to say and believe:

“I give myself permission to do something extraordinary on planet Earth”

How often do you find yourself holding back? Feeling something that is uncomfortable and squashing it?

I sure have, numerous times. But that whisper, nudge, push, then angst eventually depleted me. What we choose next defines our life and our level of expansion. That “feeling: whisper, nudge, push and angst” has meaning and purpose. And when we diminish, hold back, protect and hide, it uses more energy to keep it from coming out. Our ego is loud and obnoxious, telling us to be afraid, asking “what if’s” and that this isn’t safe. ***News alert*** The most unsafe place to be is…


What if you were to stand on the shoulders of giants so that you can see your vision, so that you can feel your vision, so that you can LIVE your vision.

Let’s not expire on planet Earth without asking this question:

What could you do if you would give yourself permission to be someone extraordinary?

Dr. T

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