Helping Women to Be Happy and Healthy

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Helping Women to Be Happy and Healthy

In my chat with Chris and Andrea on North Dakota Today yesterday, I talked about women and all of the duties we are responsible for – mom, spouse, business owner, employee, taxi, cook, cleaner, social organizer, planner. That picture of ‘a day in the life’ isn’t always glamorous (or for some, isn’t hardly ever glamorous).

Women often put themselves last when they deserve to be happy and healthy, too.

In the job description above, we have lost one of the most important bullet points: Self-care. Oh, and self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and all other ‘self-‘ words. At this moment you’re probably thinking, “Crap…I’ve lost some of ME in this process of creating a life that I’ve dreamed of.”

If this is you (it was me and still is every now and then), I have 9 tips that have helped me over the year in my life’s journey. These are in no particular order so do what feels right at the time:

  1. Take a bath with Epsom salts and essential oils (my favorites are purification, valor and peace and calming – get that hint?!?)
  2. Journal. I call it ‘puke on paper’. Don’t be emotionally tied to what you are writing. Write whatever feelings and words come to mind. When you have nothing more to vent about, you’re done. Burn it. Rip it up. Get rid of it. (I like coffee while I’m doing that, too).
  3. Get adjusted to reconnect the physical and emotional bodies. I also love a mindless therapeutic massage. Hannah is the greatest 
  4. Sweat, get your heart rate up. Work out, sit in a sauna (and do anything else that makes you sweat).
  5. Drink a ton of water with lemon (real or essential oil). Add in immune and healing supplements if you have them: (remember, this is not a protocol to follow, just some ideas) GABA, vitamin C, vitamin D, omega 3 fish oils.
  6. Reconnect with your purpose/your WHY.
  7. Allow acertain amount of time to have a pity party and when the timer/buzzer rings, be done. As my dad and husband still tell me, “Sh** or get off the pot”!!!
  8. Be in the moment – not the past or the future, but the now.
  9. Be thankful for all that you have and all that you are. You were designed to be well not sick, tired, and medicated. Choose what will move you closer to happy and healthy.

The videos are also a recap of being aware of where you ‘really’ are (and not all of those stuffed emotions and feelings) so that you can focus on solutions. Solutions that will lead to finding your purpose, loving yourself and being surrounded with those who see you how you do. ***If you don’t see yourself as beautiful and as love, those around you won’t be able to see it either. And that’s ‘Your Mirror’.

Let’s be happy and healthy together!
Dr. Tiff

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