Be a CAPTAIN in Your Life

Are you acting as the captain of your team? Sports is an excellent way to develop leadership skills. And you can apply those to your family life, too. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Be a CAPTAIN in Your Life

Just a quick thought:

Are you acting as a captain in your life?

As we near another school year, many sports groups start practicing again. I LOVE it…the fall, football, cool weather, coffee, sweatshirts and sweatpants, a routine, etc. Oh, I could go on forever!

One of my favorite facebook pages is Proactive Coaching, and I came across a training program on How To Be a Captain (of your team). And I thought, wowsa, just another reason why being involved in sports is more about life than the sport.

Of course, it starts with you! Where in your life are you stepping into or away from being a Captain? How can you help your kids step into being a Captain in their life?

1) Be the first to serve.

2) Be the first to lead by example.

3) Be a lifeline of communication between the coach and the team.

4) Be the first to praise others.

5) Be the first to protect and defend your team (loyalty).

6) Be the first to confront violations of your team standards (solving problems before they impact your team).

7) Be the first to encourage and the last to become discouraged (mental toughness).

Encourage your kids to be a part of a team at a young age. It doesn’t matter the team, but get them involved. It will impact how they live their life and how they impact others.

You are part of a family in your life, just like a family on a team. A team is a family that everyone needs to experience throughout all parts of life.

 Step up and help your kids be a CAPTAIN.

Dr. T

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