078: Is Living in “Moderation” Keeping You From Your Purpose?

If you feel like you’re coming to the T in the road but are unsure of which way to turn, then it’s time to buckle up. Today, I’m sharing how you can commit to the actions and mindset that will get you where you want to go. Here are some highlights: Identifying the gap between […]

077: Finding Calm in Chaos with Amy DuBois

Do you feel you’re on a crazy roller coaster, always running and doing everything for everyone? Meet my good friend Amy DuBois, who was always on the go, but has learned to sit in the quiet of what she calls her “Power Hour” first thing in the morning. Learn how and why she transformed her […]

Do It Anyway.

No matter what you do, what you say, there will be judgment. Do it anyway. Say it anyway. If you talk about success too much, you’re cocky If you don’t, you’re stand-offish and unapproachable If you say no to “Can I pick your brain?” messages, you’re a jerk and have become “too good” If you […]

071: Playing for the Person Next to You with Erik Hatch

What’s the best way to create success in your life? It’s not focusing on YOU!  My guest today, Erik Hatch is a successful entrepreneur, realtor, coach, author and more who can relate to creating success in life. There were many bumps in the road to getting to where he is today, but he’s taken those […]

067: Gaining Divine Confidence with Kat Kim

Do you struggle with confidence? Do you wonder what you are here to do? Today’s guest, Kat Kim, is here to help you! You need to hear Kat’s crazy story of being fed diet pills starting at age 6 to dealing drugs at 18  to becoming a spiritual leader and founder of The School of […]

064: Fostering Love with Leanna Ihry

Do you ever get little nudges in your life telling you to do something? Maybe it’s to bring your new neighbor cookies and introduce yourself or maybe it’s something bigger. If this is you, then today’s guest, Leanna Ihry might be the catalyst you’ve been needing to take action. Leanna is a wife, mom of […]


Today’s episode is SO special to me, because it features my right hand gal, the PB to my J – Lyndi Rosenau.  For those of you that don’t know her, she is our shop mom, and keeps all of our many, MANY ducks in a row. She is a superstar – hardworking, organized, a quiet […]

Take Your Power Back and Empower Your Family

There is a storm blowing out there … and it’s creeping into my practice. Which means it’s creeping into each of you too. I have a unique perspective here in that I see hundreds of people every week, and I place my hands on all of them. I literally feel that energy. It’s a crappy […]


I’ve noticed a big dip in people’s energy recently. I have my hands on hundreds of people each week, so I have a bit of a different perspective because I’m not limited to any kind of social bubble, so I can get a read on the community at large. Plus I’m not frigging blind. That […]