043: Introducing The Aligned Life with Dr. Tiffany Johnson!

Woah Nellie, this has been a long time coming! With 42 previous episodes behind us, we’ve grown. And honestly, I started the You Decide Podcast knowing that it would evolve. I had an idea. I went for it. I let it grow. It became The Aligned Life. I am a chiropractor, yes. But over my […]

You Decide 017: Keely Schlichting – Live Like Landon Lived

This is an incredibly special episode. Keely Schlichting and her family have faced one of the most difficult years: losing their son’s best friend to brain cancer. The impact Landon (12) has made in our community led to the mayor naming a day after him, the beginning of a foundation and Landon’s Light – a […]

You Decide 014: Brenda Entz – The First Lady of Bison Football

Taking life one day at a time, being truly independent, and living without regrets have helped Brenda Entz find her tribe. Her biggest lesson in life is from “Coach” Matt: “What do you have to lose? Nothing. Go do it!”    Married to Matt Entz, head coach of the Bison, and mom to two sons playing […]

You Decide 006: Dr. Staci Blume – Risking It All For More

Dr. Staci uprooted her life of luxury and comfort and booming practice in Minot, ND, when she committed to living bigger, with Nate, the love of her life. She left her practice, her family and her identity behind and trusted her heart as she moved to Indiana, married Nate, inherited 2 amazing step sons, had […]

Episode 005: Karli Moch – Turning the Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately, Karli has had some unbelievable health challenges. Three months postpartum, Karli started a nine month nightmare of digestive issues and severe pain. Quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the lower digestive tract, Karli started another devastating path through misdiagnosis and mis-medicating. Never having faced a serious health problem before, Karli didn’t think […]

You Decide 003: Mom’s Thoughts – Making Sense of Middle School

In this follow-up to Callyn’s first episode, Dr. Tiff (a.k.a. mom) gives her take on the conversation they had about middle school struggles, particularly, battling perfectionism. As is probably true in your family, the parental perspective is often different from the child’s, but both are equally important. Find out how Dr. Tiffany handles common, yet […]

Live Like You Were Dying – Are You?

Since this song came out, it’s always meant something deep. I mean as in “life meaning” and well, the other stuff, too – Tim sure is somethin’ – beautiful to listen to, to look at and to witness the love he has for Faith. They sing about their life together, the lessons they’ve learned and […]

Judge Nothing. Forgive Everything. Love Everything.

This quote was the one in yoga last week: Judge nothing, you will be happy Forgive everything, you will be happier Love everything, you will be happiest The meditative part of yoga, the END. The part that I want to continue forever because it’s such a calm, happy, open feeling. That feeling of euphoria…that you […]