088: Staying in Alignment

Today we’re wrapping up season 2 of the podcast. To finish it up, I’m chatting about how to know when you’re feeling misaligned and what you can do to stay aligned and continue to follow your light. I cover: What led to the decision to wrap up the season How you can know the next […]

087: Debunking the Morning Power Hour

By now you’ve probably heard of the importance of the morning power hour, but what if that just doesn’t work for you?  Join me today as I debunk this myth along with how to create a practice that works for you and your life. I cover: The #1 key to a successful power hour  Why […]

086: Living an Authentic Life Without the Stress

Are stress and anxiety holding you back from living your life? That’s exactly what happened to my guest Lindsay Vettleson. Lindsay joins me today to talk about how she was able to break free of these confines to live the life she knew she was always meant to and how you can do the same! […]

Is Your Child Experiencing Anxiety?

Has your child’s behavior taken a turn? Could it be anxiety? I KNOW, the word anxiety can mean a million things and it can be really confusing. But it’s important for parents to have an idea of where their kiddos are. Every child has their thing especially during different seasons of their life. It’s important […]

083: Excuses are Like A-“You Know What”…Ready to Ditch Them Forever?

Do you tell yourself you’re too tired to workout? Or that you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy dinner? Don’t let excuses like these become the habits that stop you from having the life you want and desire. In today’s episode, I’m sharing why these types of habits are so problematic and what […]

082: Letting Go When Anxiety Consumes You with Callyn Johnson

Anxiety. Fear. Panic. These were just some of the emotions Callyn was experiencing earlier this year during a difficult situation. Today, she joins me to talk about what it was like physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the experience, how she was finally able to move forward and so much more. This episode is one that […]

081: Living Life on YOUR Terms

Tired of doing things the “normal” way? It’s time to stop listening to what everyone else deems as the “right” way to do something and do what feels right for you. Life isn’t one size fits all – not in business, parenting or your relationships. If you are ready to start living life on YOUR […]

079: What’s Stopping You From Becoming a Badass? with Mariah Prussia

Ready for an edgy, no BS kind of conversation? Certified Personal Trainer, Motivational speaker, single mom of 2 and overall badass, Mariah Prussia joins me on today’s episode to chat about defining your fight, finding your true self and trusting the path along the way. Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss […]

076: What to do When You Feel Lost

What does your life need right now? In this short and sweet episode, I’m chatting with you about how you lean into nature, the quiet, the space to find what you really need in your life. Here are some highlights: Stop settling for the the revolving hamster wheel you’re currently on One action you need […]

073: Imperfect Happiness with David Caspers

Losing a loved one can be difficult, but also help shape who you are now. Today I chat with my cousin, David about how the loss of both of his parents has affected him and allowed him to grow and move on through imperfect happiness.  We talk about: Perfection of spirit and having a vibrant […]