063: Have You Lost Faith in Your Body?

Doctor knows best. That’s normal. These are two common phrases that almost all of us have heard at one time or another. But are they true? On the podcast today, I’m breaking down the 3 big misconceptions around your personal health and how you can find out if you’ve lost faith in your body. You’ll […]

057: Cycles, Pregnancy, and Postpartum with Dr. Tonya Loken

Dr. Tonya Loken is a Naturopathic Doctor and nutritionist, who practices at Catalyst Medical Center, in Fargo, ND. On this episode we focus on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and postpartum self-care. She also clarifies what symptoms are “normal” as opposed to “common,” and why the distinction is important. Dr. Tonya explains what a healthy menstrual […]

You Decide 038: Crystal Franco – Essential Oils: Uses, Safety, Quality and Kids

Have questions about essential oils? Join to the club! There is an incredible amount of “information” out there and most of it is questionable at best.⠀ ⠀ Crystal Franco is a natural healer who specializes in aromatherapy, and has a passion for educating people about the incredible benefits and potential dangers of these amazing little […]

You Decide 035: Kristin Jacobsen – Let Your Body Do What It Was Meant To Do

I always describe Kristin Jacobsen and her family as one of my “lighthouse” families. She takes the light we cultivate together, and shines it on everyone she meets. When her son Alex was young he had recurring ear infections. With her doctor’s assurance she assumed it was normal. She masked the symptoms with medications for […]

You Decide 032: Dr. Tonya Loken – Beefing Up Your Immune System for Covid-19

This one’s a keeper! I took SIX PAGES OF NOTES! Dr. Tonya Loken is a Naturopathic Doctor and nutritionist, who practices in Fargo, ND. There is no shortage of recommendations out there and most of them are conflicting. Dr. Tonya gives us the hard truth about Covid-19 and explains the best way to beef up […]

What’s Your Number?

This is maybe meant for a video as I have a lot to say and sometimes that doesn’t read well. Here goes… There are 2 parts of you: the OUTSIDE the INSIDE The outside is the feeling part. The inside is the functioning part. 4 levels of Life: VITAL ROCKSTAR: healthy on the inside, healthy […]


I love perspective. I was given a gift this week from a different perspective: Chiropractic is ‘unknown’. And worse than that, people may think it’s dangerous, scary, invasive. Referred by many friends, she finally made the decision to “try Chiropractic”. She was terrified, poor thing. She had NO idea what we do, how we do […]

The Power of Chiropractic

Who am I to say that I have an answer? An answer that may give hope to families struggling. I haven’t experienced chronic childhood issues myself or with my kids, but I have seen hundreds and helped their bodies to heal through Chiropractic adjustments. Today I share Ava’s story. She is 4 and came to […]

Taking Confusion Out of Chiropractic

Because I talk about Chiropractic and XYZ (asthma, infertility, anxiety, chronic immune challenges) doesn’t mean that Chiropractic TREATS any of these. No, we do not diagnose or treat anything but Subluxation/aka ‘Missing Jenga Piece’. Every subluxation we experience, weakens the spine and stresses the brain. Our life runs through our brain and body so come […]