070: Performing To Be Your Best with Callyn Johnson

Today my daughter Callyn joins me once again on the podcast to talk about performance. We talk about the lessons learned in the sports arena, but why you don’t have to play sports  to reap the benefits of setting healthy habits. We chat about  How you can level up your “game plan” Why training for […]

You Decide 017: Keely Schlichting – Live Like Landon Lived

This is an incredibly special episode. Keely Schlichting and her family have faced one of the most difficult years: losing their son’s best friend to brain cancer. The impact Landon (12) has made in our community led to the mayor naming a day after him, the beginning of a foundation and Landon’s Light – a […]

Are your kids waiting for the trophy?

Ribbons. Trophies. Pat on the back. Congratulations. Compliments. I’ve written a lot about this over the years of being a parent and coach. The difference in 20 years is crazy, but this is more than a “participation ribbon rant”! I believe we can be better as leaders in our family and community. Kids seem to […]

You Decide 015: Mandy Anderson – Rising Out of the Ashes of Her Circumstances

In this incredible discussion, Mandy Anderson shows us how to make the best out of a bad situation. From a cystic fibrosis diagnosis to finishing her first half marathon, through the power of journaling she cultivated a life of joy, and accomplishment. She explains how faith, “giving yourself permission” to do whatever it takes to heal […]

You Decide 014: Brenda Entz – The First Lady of Bison Football

Taking life one day at a time, being truly independent, and living without regrets have helped Brenda Entz find her tribe. Her biggest lesson in life is from “Coach” Matt: “What do you have to lose? Nothing. Go do it!”    Married to Matt Entz, head coach of the Bison, and mom to two sons playing […]

Which Kid Are You Raising? A or B?

a. Character, Work Ethic and Attitude b. Talent While coaching and watching teams the last few weeks, it is glaringly obvious which coaches and parents focus on Character, Work Ethic and Attitude. And conversely, which ones focus on Talent. TALENTED, BUT… It doesn’t matter how many hours you practiced to get there or what your […]

Reasons To Find A Pediatric Chiropractor

Ok, so I’m a little scattered in this video. Yes, it’s March Madness Month…oh ya, what does that have to do with Chiropractic? Crap, nothing. Oh nevermind, EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Much of what lights me up is sports – playing (well maybe not much anymore), watching, cheering, coaching. I love it all and our calendar is driven […]

Be a CAPTAIN in Your Life

Are you acting as the captain of your team? Sports is an excellent way to develop leadership skills. And you can apply those to your family life, too. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Just a quick thought:

Are you acting as a captain in your life?

As we near another school year, many sports groups start practicing again. I LOVE it…the fall, football, cool weather, coffee, sweatshirts and sweatpants, a routine, etc.

Do Not Waste What You Got

We watched it as a family and were collectively glued to the screen. At the end of the movie, those last words: “Do not waste what you got, Drew.” | Healing Touch Chiropractic

We watched it as a family and were collectively glued to the screen. At the end of the movie, those last words: “Do not waste what you got, Drew.”