Chelsey’s Story

Chelsey’s Story

Survivor of abuse finds help in Chiropractic

I left an abusive relationship, which left me with the question: Where do I go for healing? I wanted to get help for everything I had been through, but did not know where to start. My mom told me what Healing Touch Chiropractic was all about, and I decided to get started. Ever since my first scan, my life, my body and my mood have gotten much better.

Since starting chiropractic the impact on my life has been great. I enjoy life, I have ambition to get out and do things.  My body functions better and I have more energy. I didn’t know I had issues swallowing, until I had my first adjustment; I noticed the difference on my way home. The first time I was adjusted, I felt as though I had 40lbs lifted from my shoulders, the sun, and colors in general, were bolder and brighter. I also felt a sense of motivation; something I haven’t felt in 3 or 4 years.

Chiropractic works! I thought I was never going to feel human again, but now I do! There’s no pain and it’s relaxing. The staff is great and so nice; constantly giving smiles and sharing their positive attitudes.
Then you have Dr. Tiffany, who is an angel! She’s so sweet and is there to listen. She wants the best for each person who walks through her doors.  She’s amazing and I don’t know where I would be without her. Dr. Tiffany and chiropractic have changed my life!

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