Dicken’s Family Story

Dicken’s Family Story

Dr. Tiffany has changed our families way of life. We started seeing her when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with ASD, ADD, ADHD, ODD, SPD, and OCD (she was already diagnosed with seizures, anxiety, and insomnia). Our therapist recommended a chiropractor since we have been passionate about limiting medications. Our daughter warmed up to Dr. Tiffany right away (if you know many ASD kids this can be a challenge). We could instantly tell the change in our child’s behavior, patience, sleep patterns, etc. She fell asleep on the drive home after her first visit. She has been consistently been sleeping 8-12 hours a night since we started seeing Dr. Tiffany a year and a half ago, without any sleep aids which she had been on since 9 months. Her meltdowns became manageable (a few minutes and less violent compared to the previous that were extremely violent and self harming and lasted a few hours). We see Dr. Tiffany and the amazing staff at least once a week, my daughter looks forward to her visits and will tell you how much better she feels after each visit. We are completely medication free, including seizure free for a year and stroke free for 16 months. We were able to take our daughter off all meds including seizure meds last September, with assistance from Dr. Tiffany. She is all about the patient and we couldn’t have found a better Chiropractor.

Dr. Tiffany has extremely helped with my pain levels, as a child I was hit by a semi and as I have gotten older have had a hard time living with my pain. When I started seeing Dr. Tiffany I could barely hold my head up, walk completely standing up, and would have to crawl around on floor the end of the day because my back was in such poor condition. Since I have been regularly getting adjusted by Dr. Tiffany I haven’t had to crawl to get around one time, not one time! I am able to stand up straight and hold my head up and look people in the eye. I am able to play with my 2 young children and enjoy my days. I can’t thank Dr. Tiffany enough and praise her enough. Everyone in our family has been adjusted by her through out the last 2 years. I will recommend her to anyone that is looking, her patience with special needs children, her ability to connect with them, and her ability to change someone’s life is amazing.

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