Do It Anyway.

Do It Anyway.

No matter what you do, what you say, there will be judgment.

Do it anyway.
Say it anyway.

✨If you talk about success too much, you’re cocky

✨If you don’t, you’re stand-offish and unapproachable

✨If you say no to “Can I pick your brain?” messages, you’re a jerk and have become “too good”

✨If you share stories of transformation in the work you do, you’re told to hush

✨If you share about your vacations or splurges, you flaunt

✨If you don’t, you aren’t helping enough in the community

Do it anyway.
Say it anyway.

When the external noise, external validation, external distractions are loud, your internal needs to be stronger. Your WHY. Your REASON. Your PEOPLE. Don’t let their insecurities, their words, their wounds, their backlash interfere with helping more people. And never let it exhaust you because when it has, you’ve listened to the external BS and now believe it. Stand up for yourself. Spend time on WHO you want to. Go where you want to go. And do it because it makes you feel closer to you, the real YOU that may be hiding.

Do it anyway.
Say it anyway.

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