The path lay ahead me. My moment had come. I’d built up a busy chiropractic practice for over a decade, and I brought my own, unique healing methods to the game. Without realizing it, I’d been working toward this moment my entire life. Everything else came easily to me–sports, school, friendships. But here I stood, a doctor using her own modalities, healing people from within. Powered by intuition, I’ve always instinctively known where the issues originate. I took Chiropractic to another dimension, going by my instincts, and using hands on energy healing to make patients feel physically whole again.

It’s not the usual path, and definitely not the trail mainstream society favors, but the pattern was all too familiar for me. Another child came to me needing surgery and left me not needing surgery anymore. An infertile woman made her way into my office and then propelled her way to motherhood. Injuries were healed at the source. Constant pain became a thing of the past. Chronic illnesses disappeared as readily as they came on. My patients think of it as a miracle, but the truth is that it’s the power of chiropractic, together with my own blend of energetic healing.

Our society has gotten accustomed to living with pain, disease, and a general sense of dysphoria. The best solution mainstream doctors can offer are conventional treatments that do little more than suppress the symptoms. But that doesn’t make the problem go away. The world doesn’t just need doctors, we need healers. Those of us who see a whole person who needs to be freed from disease, instead a series of symptoms attached to a person.

I’ve grown up, gotten married, and become a mom twice over. But the rebel in me never died, she just grew stronger. I’m here to heal, to get to the root of problems, to treat a person, not a disease. And most of all, I’m here to start a movement, leading other chiropractors out of the shadow of obscurity and into the mainstream. Leading women towards discovering her gifts. It’s the only way to truly heal the world. Are you ready to heal, and be healed?

My interest in family health is a personal one; as a wife and mother of two children, I understand the challenges families face today when trying to live a wellness lifestyle. Life surely is busy, but all worth it.

Craig and I live in West Fargo with our daughter, Callyn (19), and son Gavin (15). We love this community and all it has to offer for kids and adults alike. We have surely made our home here! We maintain a wellness household and don’t take antibiotics, medications, vaccinations. We don’t have a medicine cabinet with Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, antibiotics, or any other pills or potions, but instead utilize chiropractic, nutrition, essential oils and other holistic methods to maintain strong and healthy immune systems.

I love helping people. I love when they see the ‘AHA’ moment and know in their heart and soul that they will get better. I want to impact the world, one family at a time. I want moms to be healthy so they are role models for their children and the standard of health. I want women to believe in themselves, to know they are worthy of all that is waiting for them. And I want the children of the world to be medication and antibiotic free; to not be labeled with a diagnosis; and to always remember that their body is whole, not broken.