Episode 005: Karli Moch – Turning the Negative Into Positive

Episode 005: Karli Moch – Turning the Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately, Karli has had some unbelievable health challenges. Three months postpartum, Karli started a nine month nightmare of digestive issues and severe pain. Quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the lower digestive tract, Karli started another devastating path through misdiagnosis and mis-medicating.

Never having faced a serious health problem before, Karli didn’t think to question her doctor’s suggestion to manage her symptoms, and research alternatives. Unfortunately her symptoms took a sharp turn for the worse. Frustrated, she sought out a second opinion, and was prescribed a more effective medication which is very effective in 75% of people.

Karli was in the other 25%.

Three surgeries and a worsening condition later, she overheard her husband share that there were times he feared she would die. Always keeping her eyes on the next hurdle, she hadn’t considered the impact of her illness on everyone around her.

Find out how it took the loss of her hair to finally feel the weight of her illness and to realize she couldn’t hide behind her exterior anymore. Sharing her vulnerable story has given her immense relief and has opened doors to inspire others, lead in faith and find meaning in the day to day tasks. Some days that was her goal: to get to the next day.

Find out more about Karli here.


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