You Decide 033: Cass Kasowski: Compassion is Key in the Battle of Addiction

You Decide 033: Cass Kasowski: Compassion is Key in the Battle of Addiction

Losing her mother to a heart-wrenching battle with addictions sent the usually tough-as-nails Cass Kasowski, into a tailspin. Devastated, she found herself battling PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and vivid dreams of her mom – all of which left her questioning whether she would ever bounce back. While she trusted her resilience, Cass knew that this time she couldn’t do it alone. Ultimately it was community, patience, connection and communication that saved her from this year-long battle.

In typical Cass style, she took this long, dark experience and turned it into a beacon of light. She started Beth’s Place Recovery, where she has dedicated her life to helping people overcome the disease of addiction. Her explanation of who these people are and what they are struggling with will leave you with a better understanding of their humanity and definitely help you to empathize with these deeply feeling, misunderstood people.

Some of the key takeaways from this vulnerable discussion are:

  • Emotional intelligence is the foundation of healing
  • Communication allows her patients to feel heard and safe
  • Addiction starts with pain and ends with pain
  • We are supposed to be flawed and imperfect
  • We have been conditioned to lead from a place of fear
  • The 2 top addictions she sees in this area is methamphetamine and alcohol
  • Many of the drugs out there leave no room for a second chance

More About Cass

On March 5th, 2017, Cassie’s mother lost her battle with addiction. Beth’s Place is dedicated to her and the 24 million Americans who suffer from addiction. Beth’s Place is dedicated to changing the conversation around mental health and addiction. Cassie is the founder of Beth’s Place, and the primary Addiction Practitioner. “We cannot change, what we are not aware of, and once we are aware we cannot help but change”.

To learn more about Cass and Beth’s Place Recovery, check out their website.
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