Do Holiday Weekends = Train Derailment of Your Goals?

Every weekend has been a challenge as our social calendar fills up. It's so easy to be derailed from my goals, but I got back on track - with support. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Do Holiday Weekends = Train Derailment of Your Goals?

I decided in May that I was ready to take 100% responsibility for my health and get back to being as congruent on the outside as the inside. To do this in the summer was a HUGE perceived risk: strict times of eating, strict menu, no alcohol, no late night snacking. That means no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol. That means lean meat, veggies and fruits within an 8 hour period while intermittent fasting. Well…that took the ‘social’ out of ‘social Tiff’!

We can do anything, including getting back on track, with support.

Every weekend has been a challenge as our social calendar fills up quickly. Between soccer parents, baseball parents, dates with friends and long summer days I knew this may be one of the biggest challenges of my life. But when I decided to take the first step, keeping the long term goal in mind, we can achieve anything. I had support from my family and the soccer parents, baseball parents, and our friend.

I will continue to share about my journey, because holy smokes, I feel like I’ve lost 20# in emotions by breaking through old belief patterns. YEEHAW! I believe sharing my sometimes weird thoughts and feelings will help others feel like they aren’t the only crazy ones.

Ok, I’m done with the back end story for now. Let’s rewind to last Thursday or Friday before the 4th of July weekend as you get ready for the weekend. Any of these sound familiar?!? (Warning: Sarcasm):

  1. Vacationer: “I’ve been doing so well – exercising, eating well, have avoided social hours for the last few days/weeks/months – so I can’t wait to be on vacation this weekend!”
  2. Wishful Thinking: “It’s been a rough day/week, so I better focus on eating well, not drinking as much and going for a run before everyone gets up.”
  3. The “H.E.Double Hockey Sticks” With It!: “Why would I start now? The heck with it, just let it all go and have fun!”

Fast forward now. The weekend happened. How did you feel the next few days? Did you enjoy your time with no strings attached? Do you feel guilt and resentment? Are you angry because you gave in to the moment and now you’re paying for it?

Women do this all.of.the.time.

Stop the cycle. Be responsible for your actions. And forgive yourself. Choose differently if the result isn’t what you want. This is the first year ever (I think EVER in my lifetime) that I chose wisely. I was 100% responsible for my choices. I was realistic and knew what to expect. These were my agreements before the weekend, followed by my ‘get back on track’ tips below:

  1. Continue intermittent fasting (no bedtime snacks)
  2. Eat clean meals, following meal plan
  3. No more than 4 beverages throughout the weekend
  4. A few bites of something ‘off’ my plan. My choices were a smores dessert and a few chips with cream dip. Ok, I had a bit more than a ‘few’ bites, but I was able to walk away.

This is how I got back on track on Sunday:

  1. Created our weekly meal plan and went to the grocery store
  2. Drank over 100oz of water with real lemon to help detox
  3. Took a nap
  4. Quiet time of writing and reading

What happens when your result is different than your intention? As Jack Canfield says, E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome). You can either blame the event (E) for your lack of results or you can change your response (R) to the event (E) until you get the outcome (O) you want. If you don’t like your outcomes, change your response.

It’s that simple. Is it easy? Well, that depends on your mindset.

I would love to hear what works for you to get back on track after a ‘not as I had planned’ weekend.

Keep taking responsibility for your life, while loving and forgiving yourself.

Dr. T

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