Grateful For the Journey: When “Time Flies” is Great!

Looking back in my blog posts, I found one I'd originally written while feeling extremely grateful. My oh my, it gave me perspective. And hope. And peace. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Grateful For the Journey: When “Time Flies” is Great!

I was just looking through the last few years of my writings and came across a post from November 27, 2013, on what I’m grateful for. My oh my, it gave me perspective. And hope. And peace.

“This too shall pass”

…the words written in a card that I got from a friend shortly before I wrote this blog 2 years ago.

This is one of the most annoyingly true statements I know. With that said, I now use it often, DAILY, and am greeted with eye rolls, tears and a swear word every now and then. I’ve learned and have witnessed that when there’s a low, it is always followed by a high. The key is to watch and be aware of the ‘high’.

I didn’t expect to write this kind of blog during my favorite-est holiday EVER, but reading what I read 2 years go inspired me and I think it may help you, too. Here is what I’ve learned by reading about my life in 2013:

**Take inventory on where you were so you can see where you are

**Slow down to see your situation as an ‘observer’ to appreciate a perspective without emotional attachment

**Know that the low will be followed by a high. Always.

**Be grateful for what you have by writing down 3 things every day. What you feed grows. Let it be gratitude, happiness, love and peace.

Thank you all for being my tribe, my army. I love you all.

Dr. Tiffany

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