Halloween…Are You The “Debbie Downer Mom”?

Halloween…Are You The “Debbie Downer Mom”?

You got it, I am! Every single year, it is a struggle. I don’t want to give out candy, the kids do.

I don’t really care for this holiday. I didn’t as a child either…being scared of the dark, scared of scary faces, not knowing who people are or where they may pop up around the next corner…is not my idea of fun. Oh ya, I quickly forgot…this isn’t about me. People say it’s about the kids.

So, here’s been my dilemma and if you think like me, this may be a dilemma for you, too. Halloween may be a holiday you haven’t quite figured out yet. But the kids have. They aren’t thinking deep about it, they just want to have a day they can be anything or anyone they want, hang out with their friends and stay up later than the normal day.

Callyn and Gavin had a candid conversation with me the other day, which inspired me to write. They fully know how we feel about sugar and health, yet they want to be like other kids. Their words exactly were, “Mom, we don’t want to be the house who gives out pretzels, pencils and glo sticks. Kids know we are that house and we just want to “fit in”. Can we just go get candy and be like other houses?”

Uffda…I had something to think about. Let me give you the runaround in my mind. “Yes, there are times I do feel bad that we are the only “weird house” for how I cook, what treats we have when their friends are over for sleepovers, parties, holidays and obviously we can add Halloween to that list. And then reality kicks in. We are their role models. There are many things we can do to give value to kids (maybe not just have raisins…by the way, I think they are gross so what do most other kids think?!?!), yet teaching them that there are other ways to have fun. These are the solutions I came up with. I hope this helps you and your family this Halloween season (with the short notice…2 days!).

  • Stick with your gut, your family philosophy. There are ways to make everyone happy in your family, along with the neighbor kids.
  • Remember to have fun! Your kids will get enough candy, so if you allow them a few treats, find a way to ‘bribe them away from the candy’! We offer money, an experience, etc. and throw away the rest.
  • I know, some people recommend donating it to businesses that send it to our soldiers. Amazing thoughtfulness, but I would rather send them other beneficial things to use instead of a bunch of sugar.

Here are a few websites to help:

After writing this, I’m going to go to Michael’s or Party City to find something kids like in bulk – bouncy balls, cool pens/pencils, rubber bands that kids make right now. I think this will make the kids happy.

Please, please, please share what has worked with your family. We want to hear!!! We want to build a healthier, happy community of families who have resources.

Cheers for happy kids at Halloween

Dr. Tiffany


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