Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

You know, most people can say their mom is amazing…blah blah blah… you hear it year after year – they do their laundry and make them food, but they don’t share how their moms make a difference in everyone’s life around her and how much change she has made for people. My mom isn’t just a mom, she’s wonder women. She is like gods assistant, loving in all her ways, and always there even when you don’t know it. She will be the next women spark and the next world changer. This woman not only gives me a purpose but is my right hand man.

Most people can say their mom does laundry, but can you say your mom inspires thousands? Can you say that your mom puts everyone first before even thinking about herself? Can you say your mom created the building block for a successful job, given her large obstacles? Can you say your mom loves her daughter each and every day like today would be the last day she sees her? The extent of her existence is the major contributing factor in the wonderful happy life I can live with her by my side. She also is quite talented in being able to deal with my sass. 😉

My mom not only can touch thousands with her open kind heart, but with her intuitive feeling to heal. Healer: someone who mends or restores something. Tiffany Johnson: a warm souled women who heals the mind, the body, the heart, the soul, and heals sorrow. She is married and a mother to 2 kids. Owns and operates her own chiropractic business on the daily. Each day goes by with her healing people’s brokenness. Now each day that goes by, she is making a difference. Is your mom?

I think people under estimate the power she withholds and the strength she actually creates and contains. I cannot thank her enough for the endless job she has to carry. Not one day goes by that she can take a break. Or a big breath.

Mom, I’m writing this to you, to let you know you can breathe. You can live. And you can fly. I cannot thank you enough for being my best friend and my mom all in one. For doing all the impossible jobs and not complaining. You are one hell of an individual and I’m sure you will continue to amaze me. You are not only the brain power to my brain, but my emotional control. I want to remind you that you are making a difference, one person at a time, and that as life goes on, take time to stop and smell the roses. Congratulate yourself for your work. You not only have taught me how to trust myself and love myself, but that the little things that can make your day miserable, probably won’t matter in 5 yrs. So is it importance to sweat it?

Thanks for giving me my spark and letting me fly. And one day, I hope I can be half the women you are today and that more people can give you credit for your doings. I hope more people can see who my giver, my mom, and my rock, is. Keep doing you and striving for the best.

Thanks mom.

And don’t forget, I love you always and forever. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 ?


Your daughter

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