When Momma Ain’t Happy, Nobody Happy

When Momma Ain’t Happy, Nobody Happy

The holidays seem to create stress. I see it in women, men and kids. I see it in teachers and their students. Is it worth it? Does your body like this stress? Does your mind? Does your heart? Does your soul?

If your answers are a resounding “NO”, change your perspective. Respond differently. Slow down. Open your heart. Breathe. Focus on GIVING, to others and to take care of yourself.

It’s easy to break the commitment to take care of yourself over the holidays.

It can begin around Thanksgiving, increasing as the demands and activities of the holiday season ramp up. Some, we may not be enthusiastic about accomplishing. And as we stew and fret over the season, we are affecting our families as well.

We complain about the weather, the lack of time and the demands on the time we do have, and money as we rush around the malls shopping for gifts. We can respond to these typical holiday stressors better by taking time to take care of ourselves.

10% of the problem is the stressor and it is 90% how we respond to the stress.

First, slow down. Take a look at your engagement calendar. Make note of the usual invites, events, holiday concerts and traditions.

Prioritize your To Do list. Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself.Instead, determine what you want your holidays to look like. Then work back from that. Ask yourself, “What in your month are activities or events that will help me create my vision?”

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

As you’re doing you review the weeks ahead, don’t forget to make your health a priority. Include the little things that help you eat better, exercise and spend time in nature. And use a word or mantra to help you connect – and reconnect – to the big picture.

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