You Decide 038: Crystal Franco – Essential Oils: Uses, Safety, Quality and Kids

You Decide 038: Crystal Franco – Essential Oils: Uses, Safety, Quality and Kids

Have questions about essential oils? Join to the club! There is an incredible amount of “information” out there and most of it is questionable at best.⠀

Crystal Franco is a natural healer who specializes in aromatherapy, and has a passion for educating people about the incredible benefits and potential dangers of these amazing little drops.⠀

In this episode Crystal “Crazy” shares the tip of her incredible knowledge iceberg as we cover:⠀

• Her top 3 favorite brands based on ethics, organic certification, purity and cost⠀
• How to know which oils you need⠀
• Which carriers to use⠀
• How to avoid burns⠀
• Which oils to avoid with your children, and when kids can start using them⠀
• The best oils for respiratory issues, anxiety, overwhelm and killing germs⠀
• Hydrosols and how to use them⠀
• Dilution rates⠀
• Inhalers, diffusers etc. ⠀
• Expiry dates, how to use oils that are about to go⠀

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to learn! This one is packed full of the good stuff.⠀

Crystal has been a natural healer for 2 decades. She explored aromatherapy when she began her healing education journey and even in her pre teens; however it was once she was a mom in many mom groups when she decided to take her training to the next level and become officially trained and certified as an aromatherapist. It is her mission to help all who desire her work to find their own inner harmony through embodiment practices as well as utilizing that which nature offers all of us. She maintains a brick n mortar healing center, Moorhead Massage & Wellness Center, and she does a great amount of healing via distance as well as education for those on their own wellness journey.⠀

Crystal’s Building Your Essential Oil Apothecary and Hydrosols classes⠀
Moorhead Massage website⠀
Crystal Franco⠀

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