Kallie’s Story

Kallie’s Story

I started going to Dr. Tiffany during my first trimester of pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy and it has been a lot more difficult then my first. I was experiencing intense migraines that would last days and would cause me vomiting. I also had a lot of nausea. And of course had a roller coaster of emotions and lack of energy. Since doing chiropractor care consistently for the last few months I have only had two migraines (but the intensity was very minimal), more energy, better sleep, and my mood has been more stable and positive. Dr. Tiffany has done more for me then just adjust me. She has also helped me have a better diet with pregnancy. I wasn’t able to take vitamins from places such as walmart, target, etc. because they would cause me nausea. Vitamins was also something Healing Touch was able to provide for me. All in all, Dr. Tiffany has helped me maintain my wellbeing (emotional, physical, and dietary). The staff at Healing Touch are also very wonderful. They are friendly, caring, welcoming, and very supportive.

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