Kim’s Story

Kim’s Story

Kim suffered from recurring headaches…

I have been a long time headache sufferer, meaning that from at least my teenage years and gaining in frequency to lately, at least once a week I was dealing with a headache of varying degrees with a migraine thrown in every now and again just for fun. This was my normal, I expected it, and I dealt with it the only way I knew how – medication, as much as I needed to take care of it. I thought that I hid it well. I thought that I was dealing with it and no one knew that I was suffering. I was wrong; my family was suffering right along with me, I just didn’t see it since I was dealing with the pain.

Enter the Healing Touch Chiropractic team! They told me that I didn’t have to live this way and that it truly wasn’t “normal” to constantly deal with headaches. It just wasn’t enough to have someone tell me it could be different, I needed proof right (don’t we all!)? Well, I got it in spades – Here I am almost a month from my first adjustment and I have been headache-free and happier than ever since that first appointment. It was something I never thought possible, but it’s true, and it could be true for you, too. A great many thanks to the Healing Touch Chiropractic team for guiding me into better health and healing.

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