When life hands you lemons…

When life hands you lemons…

When life hands you lemons, sometimes you aren’t able to make lemonade.

And that’s ok.

We had a tragedy in our community that affected us at HTC last week. Like an OMG, don’t ever take anything for granted kind of tragedy. I didn’t sleep.  And since I snore, not sleeping is rare. I couldn’t think very well. I would like to say I wasn’t hungry, but that’s not my stress response.

I’ve been given a perspective. I hate to even write that I learned something from a tragedy, but as life goes on, that’s just how it works. But here’s the deal:

  • Don’t wish away your messy house because when your house is clean, the little peeps are gone.
  • What does “for a reason” really mean? I don’t know and neither do they. There is no “reason” that seems worth it now.
  • Purpose: maybe it isn’t what it was yesterday, but as long as it gets you out of bed, use that purpose, follow that light.
  • Your discomfort about not knowing what to say and what to do is selfish. Ask what they need and honor it.
  • Never judge.
  • It doesn’t need fixing. It needs quiet, hugs, tears, time, understanding, compassion, love, acceptance, patience.
  • Use your voice to share your thoughts, your fears and your misunderstandings with those you love. Before it’s too late.
  • Speak your truth, even if it’s not rah-rah, positive and when you aren’t sure how it’s going to go. Because maybe tomorrow will be a day you aren’t able to speak. Have the conversation, even when your throat feels like it may close.
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow. EVER.
  • But don’t fill tomorrow with a bunch of bullshit “have to’s, should’s and need to’s”. Do what you love with whom you love.

Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. And be grateful for all parts of life: the good, bad and ugly.

Dr. Tiffany

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