Lyndi’s Story

Lyndi’s Story

Chiropractic was this mom’s secret to a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and happy baby

I had been adjusted during my first pregnancy and I had a healthy pregnancy and a quick, easy delivery (which I credited to chiropractic) so continuing with chiropractic during my second pregnancy was an easy decision for me. I felt great throughout my pregnancy; just minor aches as my belly grew. I believe the reason I felt so good was because I had been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments before getting pregnant, which ensured my body was ready to support me having a baby. The biggest thing for me was I had no other pregnancy ‘symptoms’. No morning sickness, no swelling, nothing! My OB was amazed at how good I felt and how I never had a complaint. I knew chiropractic was the secret!

When it came to the actual delivery, my body was strong and both of my deliveries were quick. Receiving regular chiropractic care not only helped my body be at its strongest, but made sure my pelvis and hips were in position for the baby to come.

Once Landon came into the world it was important to me that he be adjusted right away. We called him a left side leaner! From birth he liked to be on his left side and only liked to turn his head to the left. I recognized that this could be a misalignment within his spine. To most this would have been minor as he could turn to the right, and only preferred the left. He didn’t act like he was in pain. He might have “grown out of it” as people say, but I knew that this position, if left uncorrected, would cause stress in his nervous system that would show up as other symptoms later. It also interfered with breastfeeding as only certain positions were comfortable for him. Getting him adjusted right after birth, and periodically since, has corrected the problem. I feel good about addressing it now when it is minor, versus waiting for a more serious symptom or problem to occur. Who wouldn’t want their baby to start out life at their healthiest?

My advice to other women is to make chiropractic part of your life and your baby’s life, especially when preparing for pregnancy. If you want to enhance your experience and feel your absolute best right through delivery, you have to take care of your body with chiropractic care. It’s good for you, it’s good for baby and studies show it shortens labor and delivery, which I can attest to first-hand!

If you’re expecting (or planning to become pregnant), you’ll want to read Lyndi’s entire story. You’ll find “Healthy Pregnancy, Easy Delivery and Happy Baby: One Mom Shares Her Secret” here.

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