Meghan’s Story

Meghan’s Story

I started taking my daughter to see Dr. Tiff in June 2021 after she had her 3rd ear infection before her first birthday.  I struggled with recurrent ear infections as a child and had ear tubes several times, I did not want the same experience for my daughter.  Since we’ve been going to HTC, I’ve seen a huge improvement in her immune system.  We no longer struggle with ear infections, and she is rarely sick.  When she does catch a bug at daycare, her symptoms are much less severe than the other kids in her class.  She is now a very happy, healthy, spunky kid who is hitting all her milestones.

I started to see Dr. Tiff at the same time as my daughter.  When I started, the energy to my gut was completely blocked.  I had never experienced menstrual cramps and was completely out of touch with my digestive system.  I couldn’t read the signs my body was giving me.  After a few months, I started experiencing sensations I had never felt before.  I could tell when something was off with my digestion, and I experienced cramps for the first time in my life.  I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  I truly believe it wouldn’t have been caught as early if I hadn’t been seeing Dr. Tiff and become more in touch with what my body was telling me.

Dr. Tiff and the team are like family now.  They have all laughed and cried with us, and we look forward to group hugs each week.  My daughter tries to follow Dr. Tiff around every time we are there, she is like another auntie to her!

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