Need a kick in the booty? Motivational Speech… Just Because

You've begun the path to health. Here's a kick in the booty to get you over the first hills. A motivation speech just because I believe in you. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Need a kick in the booty? Motivational Speech… Just Because

It’s time…the honeymoon is over. The training and knowledge gathering is behind you. Let me offer this motivational speech, just because I have faith in you.

We are each responsible for ourselves, fully responsible, in order to make the impact that I’ve been chosen for.

This is what you need to make the greatest contribution in the world:

  • A vision. A purpose. A mission.
  • A team.
  • A system.

The mindset of what ‘grand’ means = the largest or most important item of its kind. You are supposed to offer the world something GRAND. Know that the ‘Dream has chosen you’ and it is your responsibility to have the courage, create the vision and build the team who create the systems in order to fulfill what you’ve been put on the planet to do. Without the team following your vision and implementing all of the systems, it will not be GRAND. Anything less than grand won’t fulfill the dream that has been chosen.

Your vision, spirit and reason for being is bigger than where you are right now.

Things are shifting slowly; yet ‘slowly’ may not be in your vocab or game plan. You may feel as though you’ve been as patient as you want to be, without fully losing the spark that you know will change the world. Feel it, trust it and just ride the wings even if you don’t fully understand or know. Your contribution to this world is a MILLION times bigger than where you are right now and this greater contribution starts with you, followed by your tribe. Get a new set of lens to trust where you’re going and what you’re supposed to do.

Excellence is required. Full responsibility and accountability for actions and results is necessary. No excuses are allowed. From here on out, lead differently. You change the world.

Go and do it. Be excellent, take full responsibility for your behaviors and actions, be accountable to you first, hold yourself to a standard that nobody else can uphold. Be the best you can be.

Every. Single. Minute. Of. Every. Single. Day.

Nothing less is acceptable.

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