New Chiro Patients


Before your first appointment, please fill out our “new patient” forms: click here to access them.

Your first appointment at Healing Touch Chiropractic will be an “Experience”. Our goal is to open your heart and your mind to what is possible. This appointment is an opportunity for you to share your health challenges and your goals. Know that you will be fully supported by our entire staff as you start this journey to healing your body and mind. You see, when you take a more “whole-istic” approach we often find underlying issues as we heal others. The method that I have found most helpful in truly transforming your health is by getting regular adjustments. Rather than waiting until you are in intense physical and/or emotional pain, regularly keeping your body in alignment so that your brain and body can openly communicate will help it function at its best.

The initial appointment consists of information gathering: the consult, exam and computerized scan of your nerve system to show how the body is responding to stress and how it is functioning. The forms are lengthy (here’s your warning!) so that we have a true picture of your current health, but also a review of where you came from. You may receive your first adjustment on that day and that’s where the magic begins!

The second appointment is reviewing all of the information that we gathered at the initial appointment and sharing our recommendation if we can help.  This is where the rubber meets the road and where the journey truly begins.

This is also the stage where our collaboration really begins. We are here to make life better, not harder with some regimented, cookie-cutter plan that doesn’t fit your life. This appointment is where we really find out what makes you tick, discover places of improvement in your life, and really feel out where we fit into your unique, complex life.

“Chiropractic care was new to me but after the initial evaluation, I felt hopeful. I’ve met with Dr. Tiffany weekly for almost a year and feel so much stronger physically and emotionally.” 

Our Unique


Perhaps the most striking component that sets us apart could also be called our specialty. It is our recognition of the connection between the brain and emotions. The brain is the epicenter of our mood and our ability to interpret the world around us. Ensuring that the brain has a clear path to transmit that experience to the body is a crucial piece in the puzzle of emotional health.

An adjustment doesn’t only affect the part of the body we’re adjusting – it affects the whole thing. If you imagine the communication between brain and body as a visible flow, any disruption (subluxation) in that flow affects all the parts that come after it. Your adjustment clears the path, so that the communication and energy can flow freely, allowing your body to do what it was designed to do – heal itself.

When we clear the path from brain to body the whole body functions optimally.

Therapy works better when the brain and body have clear communication.
Anxiety improves when body and mind are connected.
Medications work better if that path is clear.
Everything works better.

Your brain’s communication to the body is like water flowing through a hose. When we remove any blockages, it can do what it was designed to do. Adjustments remove the blockages.

When the brain is disconnected from the body, it can’t get a read on what’s going on around it, flips into fight or flight mode, and gives us rushes of adrenaline. Depression, immune challenges, chronic sickness & pain, fatigue, behavioural & learning challenges, constipation, gut issues, digestive issues – many people think that these symptoms are just a part of life. They are not. 

Chiropractic allows the brain to re-pattern and rebalance. It resets the brain and connects it to the body, allowing for a “life without limits”, reflected in body, mind and spirit.

That being said, we have created our “toolboxes” from multiple technique seminars, mentors and experts so although we have a list of numerous techniques (including Tonal, Diversified, Webster, Thompson Drop, SOT, Logan, Cranial and BEST), in time we create our own. Founded in science – but perfected in application. 

When the brain is disconnected from the body, it can’t get a rad on what’s going on around it and starts sending us warning signs. 

How Does This Apply to my Baby?
Colic, reflux, difficulty latching – many people don’t realize there is a neurological component to these symptoms. The resulting gap these symptoms cause often lead to chronic immune issues commonly presenting as tummy pain or constipation. 

… And to my Bigger Kiddos?
There is a massive neurological component to anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, SPD, dyslexia, bedwetting, food/texture sensitivities, toe-walking and allergies.

These symptoms aren’t just uncomfortable, they can seriously affect quality of life. While Chiropractic isn’t a cure-all, it works in conjunction with other measures to optimize their impact.

Chiropractic allows the brain to re-pattern and rebalance between left and right, in addition to clearing the flow for brain/body connection.

“I could feel that Healing Touch was different the moment I walked through the doors. The customer service is top-notch! Dr. Tiff makes you feel like family the moment you meet her. ” 

State of the Art


Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology and exam procedures to better help us understand how your body is functioning, how stress is contributing to/ deflecting from your health, and how we can help.

While many healthcare tests involve needles, heat, x-rays, or an electric shock, the scans we do in the office are completely pain-free and safe for everyone, including newborns and pregnant women. You will feel someone touch various points along your spine. That’s it!

The beauty of these scans is that they help us identify abnormal function which can’t be seen with other types of imaging and are generally not felt in the form of pain until the damage is severe. The scans will tell us if there is stress on your nervous system and how it is affecting your organs, muscles, balance, energy level, and ability to handle the demands of life.

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