There is no competition at the top.

There is no competition at the top.

**Disclaimer, don’t read if you want to stay mediocre.

As Tim Ferriss says, “Doing the unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic.” The competition is fiercest for realistic goals because you’re sifting through everyone else who is shooting for mediocre, for average. It takes as much energy to be average as it does to be excellent so why not shoot for the moon?

Bigger goals = Less Competition

The mediocre talk, but don’t do. They dream, but don’t step. They are comfortable and don’t risk. 99% of people don’t believe they can; instead they see the 1%’ers on a pedestal and treat them like an idol. You can do it, just like they did. It’s all in the mindset.

The burning question: what is your ONE big goal, the one there you surpass the 99% because remember…once you make a decision that you can be the 1% you’re have way there. And also remember, once you have the knowledge, the WHAT, you need to DO something. Firepower, thinking positive, hanging around like-minded peeps, meditating, exercising won’t get you there if you don’t DO the work to move you closer to your goals.

The top of the mountain may be lonely sometimes, but when using the gifts we were given, that is where 99% of us should be, not just 1%.

This isn’t for everyone, but hope it’s for you.

Dr. T

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