No more ear infections? Yes, believe it!

The crying. The pulling at the ear. The fever. It's an ear infection. You want your happy baby back again. Chiropractic can help. | Healing Touch Chiropractic

No more ear infections? Yes, believe it!

The late night crying. The pulling at the ear. The fever. That thing in your gut that says something is wrong with your baby. You may follow the traditional medical route of antibiotics or you may try natural solutions. But the results don’t change.

Your child has an ear infection and you’re feeling the pain.

I know, you just want the pain to go away (and fast). You want your happy baby back again. But you’re not sure what to do next.

What would you do if I told you that I’ve seen hundreds of babies with this exact story? Would you want to know more? Some personal stories include many more symptoms that come from the ear pain – colic, immune issues, constipation/digestive problems, allergies, behavior struggles – and some are simply ear infections that haven’t progressed…yet.

With being a pediatric and family Chiropractor, I work with children and their families. Yes, children. And a lot of them. When peering in our office window, many may look happy now, but many didn’t start that way.  They started with a similar story above; one that challenged their family to the core.

You may be asking how Chiropractic helps, especially for newborns and kids. The first stressor that occurs in a child is positioning in the uterus, followed by trauma during birth. When there is stress to the upper neck (closest to the brainstem), the brain isn’t able to pass information freely to the rest of the body. This is similar to what happens to the circuit breaker in your home. When the system is overloaded, it shuts down and the brain isn’t able to communicate to all parts of the body. Then we notice symptoms – fussiness, ear infections, reflux, tummy pain, constipation, mood changes, allergies, sick often, asthma, ADD/ADHD, Autism, sensory issues, and many more. Every specific chiropractic adjustment turns the circuit breaker back on so that the brain can communicate to the body. It’s as easy as that. And yes, it is magical watching the miracles that happen every day in our office.

There are many articles and research studies on this, but I thought this would be relevant for what this article is about:

A study by Gutmann examined more than 1000 infants and concluded that approximately 80% of all newborns had some form of nerve dysfunction. One of the signs/symptoms of birth trauma (signaling an upper neck subluxation) is ear infections.

As a parent or grandparent, sometimes we feel powerless. I want to empower you to make choices for your family that will bring them closer to health and further away from medications and surgery. If your babe is struggling with an ear infection, these are my suggestions:

  • If you don’t see a pediatric chiropractor, find one ASAP!
  • If you do have a pediatric chiropractor, get your child checked (and adjusted, if necessary) daily.
  • Encourage your child to sleep and rest.
  • Keep your child’s ear dry (no swimming or putting the head underwater in the bathtub).
  • Remove all dairy and mucous producing foods (especially bananas and soy based products)
  • Drop a few drops of garlic infused olive oil (warm/body temperature) into the ear. Another option is hydrogen peroxide (a 2-3% dilution).
  • Dose your child with vitamin C, garlic, zinc or children’s multivitamins. Ask your chiropractor for specific doses for your children.

Chiropractic care will increase the function of the immune system and will be of great benefit for their long-term health. Much greater than any pain reliever, fever reducer, or antibiotic ever will be. Trust the power of the body. The power to heal from the inside out. I truly want your family to be happy and well. I am here to assist you in getting closer (and staying there!) to true health and happiness from the inside out.

With love,
Dr. Tiff

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