Pregnancy and Creating Your Birth Story

Pregnancy and birth was and still is intended to be a natural, personal and memorable. As you prepare, remember you are the author of the birth story... | Healing Touch Chiropractic

Pregnancy and Creating Your Birth Story

I began to think of our personal experience as new (and young!) parents. I had no idea what I should have known until we were preparing for Gavin 3 ½ years after Callyn. Wow, I was 22 when we had Callyn and I honestly didn’t read a book, article, read online, nothing, during pregnancy. And as I look back 14 years now, some of that was good and some not as good. If I could do it again, this is how I would Re-Create My Birth Story.

What I loved and will always remember about birthing our 2 babes:

  • I wasn’t stressed while pregnant. I didn’t fear pregnancy. I wasn’t scared about birthing them. Now I know how important it is as that child receives what we give them – whether chemically (food, drink, medications, supplements, pollutants), physically and emotionally.
  • I knew women were created to do this and as long as we don’t try to control the natural process, it will remain natural.
  • I was calm…well, mostly. Surprising, eh?!?!? (Ya, I’ve heard that before). I kept thinking about how long a marathon is (and likely will never run a real one because of that visualization), so I focused inward, believed in myself and my body. Mine were 30 and 36 hours respectively, so this was no small feat. Oh and no…I NEVER gave up on my body.
  • Watching them get their first adjustment on my belly one minute after entering the world.

When I look back, I would have improved these few things:

  • Know more about birth, physically and mentally. I had a flip phone and it surely wasn’t a Smartphone, so access to people, groups and resources wer more difficult (and frankly not heard of).
  • Explore a water birth, having calm music, and other positions other than lying on my back in a bed with white sterile sheets and machines all over. Ya, that’s relaxing!
  • Do more affirmations to allow birth to progress on its own without the dreaded monster, Pitocin.

In this Information Age, I feel there is too much information, too many ‘rights/wrongs’. We are so concerned about making the ‘right’ decision, researching all options for days/months/even years and we are worried what others think. In that process, we tend to forget our role in our pregnancy and birth – to be healthy, happy and enjoy the journey (even if it’s not all peaches and cream). I think the most important part of this stage in our lives is the partnership with your spouse and making memories throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Make your birth story your own.

I share this because I’m a mom, a chiropractor who helps many moms and I share what others are thinking (some say I read minds!). As a matter of fact, you’re lucky I didn’t take a deep dive into that last sentence – I spared you some eye rolls and “OMG’s” but I’m sure I would make you laugh. Anyway, pregnancy and birth was and still is intended to be natural, personal, memorable and one of the best times of our life. The less we attempt to make it mechanical, timed and controlled, the more natural it will be.

Dr. Tiffany

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