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“Is it safe for me to be adjusted during my pregnancy?”

Absolutely, YES! This is a question I get asked frequently. The most important time for a baby to be adjusted is in-utero. You will give your child the best start possible. As every Chiropractic Adjustment releases the interference between the brain and body for you, it does the same for your unborn baby. Of course, it makes sure your alignment is balanced and ready for preparing for your natural birth.

Think of your pelvis as the hot air basket and your uterus the balloon. 

As soon as your pelvis moves and shifts, the uterus does the same. When mamas mention that baby got ‘stuck’ or that baby’s head was too big, it is a misalignment of the pelvis that is the likely culprit (of course, there are a few medical exceptions to this rule). Due to the physical changes to your body, it is imperative to work with a Chiropractor who is trained and comfortable with pregnant mommas. This is why so many women say that Chiropractic was the reason for a safe and natural delivery (did you know that it is reported that women under regular chiropractic care may experience a 50% shorter labor?). Reports also show that the need for intervention during labor greatly decreases when under regular chiropractic care.

“Many people know that I work with pregnant mommas and their families but many don’t know my story of how I got here. I was introduced to Chiropractic by Dr. Bonnie Freije in 8th grade, and since my experience in chiropractic was pain relief and treatment of sports injuries, I was planning to be a ‘Sports Chiropractor’ (yes, I REALLY do love sports). It wasn’t until we were pregnant with Callyn and I was on 99.9% bedrest for the last 4 months of our pregnancy, that I started getting adjusted regularly. After starting to be adjusted, I experienced a tremendous relief of aches and pains during my pregnancy, along with learning about the ‘real benefits’ of Chiropractic.

My experience with Chiropractic during my pregnancy and Callyn’s birth began my journey into pediatric and maternal chiropractic care. I have attended numerous seminars and continue my training so that I remain current in the latest pregnancy care techniques (pre-, during, and post-).” – Dr. Tiffany

Dr. Tiffany is a certified in the Webster technique.

For more information visit Well Adjusted Babies.

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