Procrastination. What is it really?

Procrastination. What is it really?

I know from past experience (as you do, too) that procrastination feels icky. Heavy. Like all my file folders are filled in my brain. I’m stuck in nowhere – not in the present, past or future. Excuses fill my mind…and I’m left feeling inadequate, robbed of all forward progress and creativity, hopeless, guilty, full of shame and eventual anger.

               It’s a task that life is telling us to do.

Hmmm, the easy part is doing it.

What if you’re not sure if you are “supposed to be doing it” or feeling the need to do it is actually not in your highest good? Like you feel you “need” to do the task to live up to other’s expectations, fit in or prove yourself to someone.

The ANSWER: listen to your inner voice. Your body. God.

You have all the answers inside of you. Find your favorite pen and paper and start writing what is behind your procrastination. Where does it come from? How does it make you feel? If you were to complete the task that life is telling you, what would change, how would it feel, what emotions would be released.

Doing the task that life is asking is about being aligned, having an internal knowing. You shouldn’t need to push, it needn’t be forceful. When there’s anxiety, ask yourself if your life is asking you to do this – if God is nudging you to do this. If you feel a YES, do it. Action erases Anxiety.

If you feel pressure from outside of yourself, the time may not be now. If you hear these words – should, have to, need, supposed to – you may be making decisions for reasons outside of you.

               Do the task that life is asking.

It will lead you towards truth and light. Closer to your purpose and mission. Make peace with all that you are. Build confidence and an all-knowing voice that is always there when you allow it.

Shhh, be quiet so you can hear the voice, your body and God.

Love you,

Dr. T

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