Schultz Family Story

Schultz Family Story

Chiropractic care has helped my family in so many ways. I have 3 children each with their own story. My youngest who is 17 months suffered from chronic ear infections. Her pediatrician pushed for tubes but I didn’t believe they would help. My other daughter who is 5 is a gymnast and suffers from sensory processing disorder and hated being adjusted. She also would pee her pants and very high strung. Life was miserable with her. Lots of tantrums and screaming at people. Next my son who is 7 was borderline ADHD. He was always going, go, and go. Could never settle down. It was crazy at night. Finally my husband and I just suffered from the wear and tear on a body. Headaches and neck pain are the biggest issues we face. But after we started seeing Dr Tiffany in March so much has changed for us. My youngest hasn’t had an ear infection in months, my daughter asks when her next adjustment is now and has stopped peeing her pants. She is so much more pleasant and happy. My son is no longer hyper active and is much more focused. Dr Tiffany helped us change our diet for the better. We hardly get sick and when we do we just make sure to increase our visits with Dr Tiffany. Thanks to her my husband and I have so much more energy and mobility to keep up with our children.

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