Sleep: Are YOU (and your kids) struggling?

Sleep: Are YOU (and your kids) struggling?

Assuming you’re getting adjusted :), this is especially for you. If you’re not seeing a Family Chiropractor, do that first!

The 1st thing many people run to is a sleeping pill. Either that doesn’t work or the side effects make you poop your pants, so you begin to look for more natural options:  Melatonin, herbs, essential oils, stress relief.

My gosh, where to start?

I believe that herbs, supplements, oils, etc. are taken to remedy a situation but they are not to be relied on for the rest of our lives, otherwise it’s just like a drug. Too much of anything isn’t good for the body. Find out where the imbalance is; the toxicity or deficiency and work towards a solution.

I’m going to talk about Melatonin as it’s the most common solution people ask me about (and try), especially for kids. Here are some great ways to increase the Melatonin production in the body in the hopes that you don’t need a sleep aid:

  • Get bright daylight exposure, especially in the morning
  • Your body produces more when it’s dark (and starts between 9-10p)
  • Eat foods rich in the nutrients niacinamide, vitamin B-6, calcium and magnesium – green vegetables, fish, red meat, turkey, chicken, bananas and dark leafy greens
  • Do yoga, meditate, exercise
  • Keep temperature below 70 degrees while sleeping
  • No technology or screens one hour before bed
  • Strict and consistent nighttime routine (that is a DUH!)

There are also a few culprits that decrease the Melatonin production in the body: taking heart medications, living with high stress or a low functioning pineal gland (where Melatonin is made). This page is why I suggest moms not to take Melatonin on a long-term basis:

Here are a few others:

I hope this helps!

Dr. T

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