Sorry to Spoil Your Halloween Fun

Sorry to Spoil Your Halloween Fun

**Spoiler Alert**

 Did you know sugar is more addictive than cocaine?

  • The average American consumes over 64-75# of added sugar per year
  • Added sugar is hidden in 80% of foods and many of them are in our drinks:
    • One pop a day increases the risk of heart disease by 30% (Coke has 44g sugar/11 tsp of added sugar)
    • 12 grams of sugar in one cup of milk
    • 26 grams of sugar in one cup of chocolate milk
    • 27 grams of sugar in one cup of orange juice
  • 50% of 7-8 month olds are consuming sugar laden formulas, snacks (think Cheerios, puffs), sodas and fruit drinks

As a Chiropractor, why do I care?

Too much added sugar literally rewires the brain. All kiddos react to sugar. Some bounce off walls, many get sick some get depressed and others experience the roller coaster in mood (synonymous with sugar highs and crashes). Chiropractic focuses to rewire the brain, to allow the brain and body to heal. Eliminating added sugar from the diet increases the speed of healing…and the immune system…and mood…and behavior. Every adjustment improves the function of the immune system. Need I say more?!?

About that immune system: When is the most common time for kids to be chronically sick?

Between Halloween and Easter.

Is that because it’s cold and flu season? Everyone is trapped inside and spreading germs? The sun isn’t out so we feel depressed? No. The real reason is because of our food, movement and mindset. We have 5 holidays in 5 months focused on food: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. We also start eating those comfort foods, reduce our exercise, stay inside and when all of that happens, I’m pretty sure we aren’t the happiest of happy. We find excuses to slip into this rut: “too cold”, “too dark”, “not enough time” among many others.

Your kids are sick because of a weakened immune system. The #1 thing that does this is SUGAR. For most, this starts within the first year of life. For some, it is when they come into the world (or even in-utero). My mission is to inspire and teach mommas how to lead your family to health this holiday and forever, all excuses aside.

Here are a few post-Halloween tips:

Please share any and all ideas you have to trade in the kids’ candy and how to keep it out of the house!

Dr. Tiffany

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